The Maiden Moon

The maiden moon! This is one of my favourite esbats! It is said to be the time for new beginnings and also the time to find love and companionship. I personally take it as an opportunity to celebrate and charise the love in my life and renew it the best way i can. I am going to burn an incense of rosemary, laurel leaves and mandrake.
I am really glad because today it has been a very magickal day, i read tarot cards, had a yoga class, meditated and it is still going on. Before i became wiccan i used to practice witchcraft. It was very natural to me because in my family it 's kind of a given. I have learned early in my life different kinds of divination, as well as hypnotism techniques and all things supernatural. My mother is witch, my grandmother was a witch and as far in the past as we can see it runs in the family. You would think that in this family coming out as a wiccan would be easy but you would be wrong. When i talked about the wiccan rede to my mother although i did n't critisise her about the way she practices her craft , still she thought i did. She felt like i was turning my back to our family tradition. You see in greece it is very common to practice witchcraft. But one thing you must never do is talk about it because of course it is something forbidden by the greek orthodox church and also a taboo. Since people already think it is something evil, ethics are not an issue. It is up to everybody 's conscience to set the limits (many times there are n't any). In our family tradition you can n't use your energy to harm someone but it is not considered wrong to "influence" somebody ( for example to fall for you). So the changes in my belief system were n't many but they were important.
Because i can't stand intolerance i often speak of my wiccan path to people that i know( something of course that my mother also disapproves). No matter what the consequences might be i see it as a way to make a difference. Even if it makes me a social outcast in the end(that could never happen, i am leo so popularity runs in my dna). Today i tend to ramble a lot. Forgive me for that. I 'll go now for my ritual bath with some beautiful purple flowers and lavender and so the night begins!
Blessed be everybody and have a wonderful esbat with your loved ones.


Hibiscus Moon said...

That bath sounds divine. Enjoy.

greekwitch said...

Oh it was!I loved every second of it!

Crafty's Cuppa Coffee said...

Hello! I wanted to leave you apost about your athame search. And a couple of other things I came across in your blog. I think it's lovely!
Enjoy the rest of yor evening, and drop by if you get a chance to chat.

Tara Maya said...

Oh, it's sad that even though you are part of a long family tradition, it still causes some disssention. You never know what will happen though. My mother, out of the blue, and rather recently, has started attending a pagan group.

greekwitch said...

Crafty i tried leaving a comment but i could not. Maybe i did something wrong.Anyway i would love to hear your idea about my athame. Thank you so much for your good words. You already know i love your blog.

greekwitch said...

Tara that must be so nice. You will have so much to talk about with your mom. Good luck.

Dolly said...

What a great post, I'm sorry to hear that there is some conflict in your life right now but remember that-like all things shapes us into the people we are :)


greekwitch said...

I really like your approach Dolly. I am trying to be optimistic and see the great picture.