Good morning...

A new week is ahead of us and i am feeling it is going to be a creative one.. We are all busy going to work, running chores but lets not allow the stress to get the best of us. Along with our morning coffee we are all making plans of how to squizze into our day everything we have to do. We are so used to checking of our lists paying bills and picking up groceries, but what about a moment to relax?So do n't forget to give your pet a big hug before heading of to where you are going,give your soulmate a long kiss and squizze your kid a little bit..
Are you organised? Are you writing down to give your best friend a call during your lunch break? I used to be very organised in the past but lately for some reason-unknown to me- i can't be. My new week 's resolution is to turn a new leaf and start making schedules again. In this crazy world we have to be practical. I will keep you update of how i am doing.
Since yesterday i have a bruising in my arm which hearts a lot and i am trying to not pay attention. I have hung it from my neck and did the ice thing. It is not working very well for me.. I might consume some painkillers. If you know a herbal home made remedy for a bad arm please let me know..
I know today my head is all over the place, i hope i am making a little bit of sense..So lets all have a great week filled with love, passion and magick
Blessed be my witch-friends***