I am on fire!!!

Do n't you love spontanious rituals? I think they carry such a powerful energy. Today i needed to cleanse my house because i had a visit of a very negative person. When she left i grabbed rosemary which is my favourite herb and burnt it all over my house. The smoke was fantastic,it was new moon(great for cleansing), the energy and the feelings were amazing. The purification was indeed intense and although the ritual consumed a lot of energy i felt so alive.
The last week i had a lot of things to do that i have been postponing and i did them all this afternoon. Actually i can't remember the last time i have been so creative.I had a huge grocery bag full of rosemary that i made smudges of.I moved and gave a new look to my altar. I made tinctures, teas and herbal extracts, home made face creams and exfoliating scrubs, scented body oils. I also made an eye lotion made of cucumber juice which would be very easy if i had a juicer but i don't so you can say it was time consuming.I was on fire... As you can see i am very proud of myself...
I am going to take a bath and use them all.. It has been a while since i had a lot of time for myself and i am really enjoying it.. I hope you can all pause everything in your life for a few hours and pamper yourself.
Here is a tip for those of you who don't have time for a lot of pampering. Take a shower and then put some baby oil in a small glass, add a few drops of your favorite and available essential oils. Put it in the microwave for no more than ten seconds. Apply and enjoy!! It is like bringing spa at home. Of course it would be better if you could convience your soulmate to massage you with it. I can't, unless he has done something baaad :-(
Blessed be fellow witches**


Hibiscus Moon said...

That's amazing that you were able to get so much accomplished. I wish I had some of that extra energy right now.

Georgina at Doggeanie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! You mentioned about Rosemary for negativity, hope you don't mind me asking, but I live with someone who is very negative. I am going to buy some rosemary today and smudge the rooms, I've been wondering how I can work on that at home (any ideas welcome!) thanks for a lovely blog post, love your colours on your site.
love and light
Gina and Jackory

greekwitch said...

When you live with a person that carries a lot of negativity it is harder to cleanse your house. This should n't disappoint you. It just means you have to use those techniques more often.. Just make sure to cleanse the place when you are alone and cleanse your personal room every day. Have a charm close to your heart and when you meditate make thoughts of cleansing your aura. The most important thing is for you to remain positive. If you ever need to contact me this is my email gergininaki@hotmail.com
Blessed be