My happy place**

Greetings everybody!
Today started as a difficult day and yet i ended up loving it.
I was kind of stressed so i meditated. I meditate for years and use the same techniques. I begin with some relaxation exercises and do some deep breathing,then i start descending the levels of consciousness so i can visit my special magickal world that i have created over the years.This placeis filled with love and beautiful energies and there i can meet magical and mythical creatures such as fairies unicorns and dragons either sitting beside a beautiful lake or resting under a tree. I always love it.
Today though,the result was very different. Although i have been effected by meditation in the past, the feelings that i had this time were overwhelming and caught me by surprise. I was filled with a warmth and a sensation so amazing that i did n't want to come out of it.
I wanted to share this wonderful experience with you and i hope you have had one of your own. Do n't forget to take a little time for yourselves to meditate because you deserve it.
You can burn with your incense a cinnamon stick which i find a great meditational tool. It really helps you "travel".
Blessed be**


Tara Maya said...

I haven't medidated for a while. I used to have a daily practice, which, I fear, I have neglected. I did find my meditation skills useful for childbirth, however. I really should renew my practice.

Hibiscus Moon said...

That sounds wonderful.

I am still working on meditation and have never experienced anything like that. I hope that I will someday.

Mhairead said...

Great to hear, I have done shamanic journeying and had those feelings and pictures, it is amazing. Sounds like your meditation is getting deeper.