Ritual showers?!

You do not have to be wiccan to enjoy a long, hot, herbal, flowery, candlelight bath. But if you are indeed wiccan or pagan you understand the value and the importance of a ritual bath. But in any earth based religion you can not be anything but enviromentally friendly, so you have to consider the amount of spent water. That unfortunately means that we can not take those baths as often as we want.
So the real question is how to turn your ritual bath into a ritual shower without losing the spiritual effect. Well it is easy to cover the basics. Light candles check! Burn incense check! But what about the herbs?
The last couple of days i have had the idea of using a beautiful watering can that i have half filled with the herbal extracts that i want and then while i am in the shower i add hot water to moderate the temperature (mostly because i usually prepare the extracts long before the bath and they are cold). I have already done it with camomile extracts because i needed the relaxation and eucalyptus and lavender because they are my favourite herbs for baths. Eucalyptus has healing effects and can really help with the breathing exercises and lavender is a very powerful protection herb that i definitely recommend to use if you also need that cleansing effect from any kind of negative energy.
Blessed be my friends**