Dear witch-bloggers,

It has been a very intense and sentimental couple of days. I planned on celebrating the spring equinox for quite a while and my plans did n't go through. I am kind of disappointed but i understand that it is not always up to us to do some things. Of course all the preparations were n't for nothing. I am going to celebrate this weekend with all my heart. I went a little off schedule but it does n't matter. I am not saying that organizing your craft astrologically is unnecessery or not important, just that it 's ok to follow your instincts and the flow of your life to practice your magick.
I recently went through a rough patch in my personal life and i had to take some very difficult decisions. Being preoccupied like that i have n't been there for some people that really needed me as much as i wanted to. I feel pretty bad about that but i did n't have a choice. No, that is not true. I had a choice. I chose to put myself first. And that makes me feel so guilty. But i know deep down in my heart that i had to do it. If i do not take care of myself i will not be able to help anybody. Sometimes it takes more than yoga classes and meditation to be on top of everything, sometimes you have to invest in your personal life with time and sacrifice.
Writing down all those thoughts help me putting them in order. When i first started this blog it was like talking alone on the top of a mountain, just spreading feelings into the void. But it does n't feel like that anymore. You have to understand that i have never met any witches or pagans- I was about to say "in real life" but this feels real too. That being said it is only natural to me to find comfort in your words and the communication with you in general. But it is more than that. I feel connected with all of you and really blessed that i found you. I am sending you my love and respect.
So blessed be once again by your greekwitch**


Mhairead said...

Hey I had the same sort of issues. It all went to pot ( or should I say cauldron) The woman I was supposed to do something with canceled, she has put her back out now and she told me it was probably the moon in Capricorn, we are both very Capricorn. Anyway it was just as well as other stuff came up so I have to sort that, like you I am delaying- I feel this new moon coming next week, will be a better time for me. I know what you mean about connecting, its so important, I am new here as well and it is great to find so many good blogs here, inspiring for us solitary witches. You know where to find me! Thinking of you and blessings to you also.

Hibiscus Moon said...

Sending love, light, energy and repsect right back to you. I know how you feel. I had to miss my Vernal Equinox ritual as well. I plan on celebrating it this evening or the next. As long as we celebrate in our own way..its OK.

Forget about that guilt. Guilt is a useless emotion. You did what was right and you know it and that is all that matters.

Truly blessed be.

Unknown said...

One of the great things about modern Wicca is its flexibility. Hibiscus is right. Guilt is a useless emotion. I'm glad you'll be able to celebrate this weekend. I'll be celebrating with my group tonight. I'll say a quiet blessing for you!

greekwitch said...

Thank you all for your love and support.
As for the guilt, i know you are right but i can 't help it. But i know i can not be always available for other people..
Blessed be**

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Just blog hopped over here, and love the look of your blog! I just did a post a while back about not celebrating on the exact day of the sabbat, and how we should celebrate the whole season, not just on the day - if we were celebrating Christmas, we'd celebrate making cookies and decorating for weeks, but as converts to paganism, we often forget about the joy of making a holiday last. So celebrate this weekend, or next and don't worry about it :O)