Forseen baby!!

I am so happy. The little spring signs everywhere help of course but they are not the main reason i am jumping around like crazy.As i have already told you i am a psychic and today one of the best things i have seen came true. I had forseen a pregnancy before the conception and now the results came. I trust my insticts but i could n't celebrate for my friend without the medical confirmation. I am now trying to refresh my memory about pregnancy and birht rituals.
If any of you have any of them in mind, please share.
Yeah..a baby is on it's way.. Blessed be**
Ps. It will probably be a libra!Is n't that great???!!


Mhairead said...

congratulations that is good , great to get conformation when you predict something like that. I don't know any birth rituals or anything, sadly no kiddies for me. But i do know about a new book coming out that you may want to pass on..http://www.arinmurphyhiscock.com/index.html
alternativley there will be people here who will hear your call no doubt and online there will be stuff available. Blessings to you.

Hibiscus Moon said...

Congratualtions on your correct vision. Yay.

Crafty's Cuppa Coffee said...

Congrats on the confirmation for you & the bun in the oven for your friend. I know lots of fabulous ways to bless the Mom & Baby alike, before and after the birth. Here are just a couple of quickies, but I will whip something up more detailed and send it off in a couple of days. Hhhmmm, me thinks I see a new post for CC on this very subject! So, first of all; you want to let the mama know which herbs are safe & unsafe for pregnancy.I am a bit hazy, because it's been 10 & 6 years since I've been preggers. I know red rasberrry leaf is a gr8 tonic, (also for PMS); and ginger &/or mint is helpful w/the nausea from Morning Sickness. No Lavender for her right now.(I know, that's weird huh?). You could plan a Pagan themed Baby Shower for now &/or a Wiccaning when the baby is born. A Wiccaning is a ceremony where the community welcomes the baby.(I don't know if she is Pagan or not.)Also, you could make her some bath herbs/salts to relax, peppermint foot rub stuff & maybe some cream for stretch marks & sore nips from nursing. There are nice charms you can make for the Baby's nursery. I just made one a bit ago that was beaded, had a crystal pendant on the bottom, charms & a cute little rolled up spell scroll. Bless it for peace & good sleep 4 Baby(& Mama too!). OK, there is a start. I will get some specific herbs & rituals/spells 4 u, later. (You have plenty of time!) I hope that helps.

PS- There sure is a HUMONGOUS baby boom going on right now. I know 5 pregnant women right now, 1 just delivered, (and my cat is preggo too!) I am keeping my distance so I don't get pregnant by osmosis! J/K! =)Enjoy your evening.

Crafty's Cuppa Coffee said...

Oh, another great baby gift if you like is to do her numerology & natal charts, once you know her name and when she is born. You could even start most of it now, and fill in the ascendant and moon later after the birth. I do that for all the Moms I know. (We Mamas luv avything having to do with our kidlets!)
BTW ~ Did u get the e-mail? I hope I addressed it correctly. BB~Crafty

greekwitch said...

I have been collecting informations on wiccaningS since before the conception.(The mom is not exactly wiccan but she loves all magickal things). Thank you so much for the advice about the herbs and the great baby ideas. All that baby stuff is making my biological clock screaming!!

Bitsa Lit said...

YAY!!!! congrats!! I dont have any kids myself...too young lol, mom would have a fit! but all the best and many wishes for happiness and health!