Have a beautiful day!

Last night i stepped on a piece of glass! Petros took it out of my foot and wiped clean the small lake of blood on the floor. The pain was intense and to top it all now i have a headache. I swear pharmaceutical companies would have gone under without me. I am clumpsy and i am a magnet for accidents. I just realised i should never post if i have n't first drunk my coffee. I bitch a lot!
Just to thank you for reading all this nagging i will post pictures of my fur babies today. Phoebe is the doggy and Tsitsini the kitten. Have a great day.


Shadow said...

oh, your furry friends are beautiful! and i hope your days turns out to be marvellous!

Sharon Day said...

What goes around comes around. It sounds like you nursing the bird turned into Petros nursing you...I love how life has that little karma, care for the caretaker. p.s. Phoebe and Tsitsini are adorable!!! I don't think you can truly be grumpy when they look up at you. Lucky girl!

Rue said...

Gorgeous babies! I'll bet they keep you hopping! Take care of your foot!

Soraya said...

Oh no! I hope your foot is feeling better.
The Furry ones are ADORABLE! I'll have to post more pictures of my kitty... She's in love with my altar, she goes over and lays in front of it all the time. I have a wiccan kitty. :)

Bridgett said...

Hope your foot is okay!
And your pets are sooo adorable!