To keep silent..

The witch's pyramid.
Some qualities that are supposed to be a part of every witch.
To know.
To will.
To dare.
To keep silent.
To go.
I should have kept silent but i did n;t. Usually i immediately understand why people approach me. But i have been fooled and i gave some very powerful tools to a person that misused them and will probably keep doing it. So, i quess now i know.
Usually i am careful.Usually i do not give important pieces of my family tradition to people i just met. But she seemed so nice and eager to learn, she seemed sensire. But i was mistaken. I should have seen her intentions right away. And now she makes people pay her. And it is all my fault. Well, apparently she casted spells for money long before she met me,but this is not the point. She lied to me. I was so excited to connect with another witch that i failed to see that she obviously wanted to exploid me. I feel completely humiliated. I learned that she is "helping" to break up a marriage. I mean who does that?? And i told her about the box of ashes, i gave her spells,potions, of course not for something bad(although unfortunatelly my family tradition has some parts that are n't wiccan at all!), i am not a total idiot.
How could i be so wrong?
Some people say that keeping silent is the most important quality of a witch. Now i understand why they believe that. Knowledge is power and power in the wrong hands could be catastrophic!
As witches, as much as persons we learn by making mistakes. And this one is definitely an opportunity to learn, one that i will make sure to take. But right now i am feeling like this is the biggest mistake i have ever made as a witch(actually it is the second biggest. Once in highschool i have casted a spell for my best friend to break up with his girlfriend because i was in love with him, but i was only 16 and stupid, and of course it came back to bite me in the a..). But now i am supposed to be older and wiser.Hah!
Weirdly enough, i am not angry at her at all. It makes me sad that she was n;t who i thought she was but i am glad i see the truth now. So i can learn and grow(as soon as i stop kicking myself!)
That 's all folks.


Sharon Day said...

It's often times hard enough to follow the threefold rule that what you send out comes back to you three times over, but it's an important one in every aspect. One of those aspects is not giving out practices to others because whatever they cast comes back to you. So, in that way even sharing information can make you responsible far down the line. Even the most purehearted people can cast with the wrong intentions like the desire to change someone's mind or control someone else's fate or feelings. It's a lesson everyone learns along the way. Just remember in the future that your family is blood and they are the only ones who should have that information and use it--it is their blood's magic and it their blood's responsibility. I believe you would be protected, as your intentions were certainly good, but part of the charm of being wiccan is having lots of secrets and mystery. Don't beat yourself up over, just move on, and know that no matter what she does with that information, she doesn't have your blood and your intent, so in the long run it won't be all money and happiness for her.

Tavin said...

Dont worry, things happen for a reason and remember the three fold law, it will come back eventually!
Blessed Be

Bridgett said...

What a shame. It makes me sad that people abuse the power.

But, I agree with Tavin...that threefold law is pretty magnificent. It will come back to haunt her eventually.

Love & Light