Dream of hell

Today i am going to tell you of something i have experienced in the past. It was back when i used to live with my parents. One afternoon i was very tired and i went for a nap. Although i do not do it everyday, if i am really tired i sleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I am very open to feeling energies and sensing things but there was nothing weird abou that afternoon.
Just after i fell asleep i started dreaming. But this dream felt very different of all the other dreams i had. It felt very..real. In my dream i opened my eyes and i was in bed. But there was a dark shadow over me that was some things laughing at me, telling me i was trapped, and i would never wake up. My stress level kept rising and i could n;t move. I was completely paralysed and more afraid than i have ever been. I could see myself i think from like a meter above covered with blankets,absolutely still. I felt some things like jolts that i was certain that those things caused and i kept trying to wake up. I was saying to myself WAKE UP and i could nt. And then suddenly i woke up totally aware of that dream-experience, frightened and not able to stay for a second in my room in case the came back.
That night i was so afraid to fall asleep and several nights later. I remember that dream so vividly as if it has just happened. I know you think it was just a dream but it felt nothing like one. Those things were real. I have never said that to anyone except P. but if you think i am crazy feel free to say it. I wont hold a grudge.


sage said...

I had a similar dream a few years back, but the black shadow was choking me and I couldn't breath.. it was horrible!

I did an exorcism in the house and removed a lamp that had been brought to me from a friend's mom who had just passed away.. it took care of the problems.

I hope you're feeling ok!!

If you get a chance.. stop by and vote for me again for the Pagan's of Etsy Street Team Challenge.. they closed the poll and re-opened again the next day! ACK!!


Hibiscus Moon said...

No, not crazy at all. It was a dream or nightmare. What you need is a good dream interpreter. I think Dolly & the Black Dog is pretty good at it....I think.

Hibiscus Moon said...

Hi! What contest are you speaking of?

Sharon Day said...

You had sleep paralysis. I've had that before, very very similar. Mine involved nuclear bombs going off and making me irradiated and unable to move. I kept trying to open my eyes fully and I was asleep before the TV, so I kept seeing the TV screen and trying to read it while asleep because I thought they were showing the places to go for shelter but it was actually the TV show credits. I couldn't wake myself at all and thought the radiation had made me all sick and dying. It was super creepy. Sometimes, I get it when I'm extremely exhausted and go to bed. Usually for me it's gray faced people trying to carry me away or leaning over me, their face right up against mine. Super creepy. It's actually a pretty normal thing--most people get at least one of those in a lifetime.

Bridgett said...

I definitely don't think you're crazy. But I agree with Sage...maybe do a 'cleaning' of your house to banish any bad spirits seems like a wise idea.

Big hugs to you.