Lately i am trying to come to terms with the way i look and i am pissed off with all the racism! I mean we grow up in a world where we have all the opportunities to learn how to distinguish right from wrong. Why is it easier to everyone to judge than accept?
I want to be able to love myself the way it is. With the stretchmarks and the extra pounds. And what does "extra" really stand for? "Extra" from what?
And why is normal so fricking good? It only shows lack of courage to just be yourself. To just be.
Who really dictates us what is normal and what is not? It used to be the church(male perspective). I really think that the world is getting more tuned in with the feminine energies. To find the balance with the dominant (male) ones for so long. So now the christian church does n't have as much influence anymore. So who is behind all this? Who is telling us how to think and what to say? Is it now the media? Is media now the male 's perspective? It definitely is n't the feminine 's perspective. I mean what about the infomercials? Have you seen a cleaning product's infomercial with a man doing the cleaning? Nooo! It is always a lady. And what about that lady? She is thin, probably blonde with huge boobs. Am i right? So the rest of us who are n't a copy- paste of that infomercial we are just not worth of attention? Is our value greater when we are thin with a compulsive obsessive behaviour of constant cleaning?
I saw a tv show and there was a girl crying because the last time she went to the beach( three years ago) someone yelled at her:"Carefull everybody whale!" Who does that? So many people trying to conviense themselves they have nothing to be afraid off and they should enjoy life like the rest of the world, go to the beach and have fun. And then that girl comes to our screens proving them and me who believed in evolution wrong. That girl could easily be me. I am not sure i could restrain myself from hitting that person. I can barely restrain myself from hitting someone who tells me i gained weight.
What is it with everybody to stating the obvious? Do they think i do not have a mirror? That they provide me a valuable piece of unknown to me information? That i have n't realised it yet and they are being helpful? Or is it their way to show me the new me is disturbing them?
I also love the question. Did you gain weight? If i answer no, will they believe me? And the other question...Why did you gain weight? Once i have answered the deepest psychological reasons of my weight gain. She did n't expect that response. People are often surprised with my lack of shame. They expect me to feel guilty for not being thin anymore. We are all expected to fit in a pattern. I am proud of not!
Blessings to all of you.


Anonymous said...

Great post! By the way, I can't read your text unless I highlight it, Its black? But I was still able to read and well said. I love about what you said about "stating the obvious" and not having a mirror. That is exactly how I feel when they point out to me like I haven't seen myself in years? Family members can be cruel (maybe that's why I haven't seen them in some years now). Last time I visited them, I was constantly reminded about my weight gain and it made me not want to go there at all until I lose some major weight. But who am I pleasing this too? Them or myself? In my opinion, love yourself no matter what! I always say that imperfection is perfection!


Goddess Gwen said...

I truly agree with what you wrote here!
Most people claim that this is the new generation,
a new world for changes of beliefs, rules, laws, opinions yadda yadda... but in reality, there are still a lot of Neanderthals out there, who are more than willing to spew out idiotic remarks nonchalantly.

Well, the next time someone mentions something about your weight, just tell them:

"I've got tons of fat! Thing is, they're all in the right place ;)"

Then you can go strut your stuff, to hell with them! hahaha