These are very magical days!

The weirdest thing happened today. Remember when I told you yesterday about my mom giving me my baby hair and the underwear of my first period? And how I couldn't remember at all the spell I used it in? Well, today we went by my mom's house for an impromptu visit and I asked her for some fabrics for Melina Nefeli's room. When she climbed up in the closet that she keeps them she found this special piece of underwear.  Only hours after I wrote about it.  I do not believe in coincidences,  but I always listen very closely to all serendipitous situations have to tell me. Unfortunately,  the lock of baby hair I already used, but it was so nice!
 As my mom jokingly reminded me it's main use is to "bind" one's husband to only have eyes for you. So, I gave it to my husband and told him "here, this is to hex you". Now it's somewhere inside the bags of stuff she gave us. You know a honey jar, a jar of homemade jam, a few books, a tupperwear with chicken, a piece of fabric and my blooded underwear.  We are such a weird family!
Today since the Moon is waxing I did a blessing of the house and my clothes smell of smoke as do my hair. But, these are very magical days and I am always doing something. I also find myself craving a bunch of things a quija board, a new tarot deck, and a bunch of herbs. I want to make an astral travel  mixture of herbs with damiana,  tatula(datula),  belladonna, mandake and ahem... marijuana (not for smoking if anyone is judging!).  I would love to gather them before the Supermoon that is around the corner. All of these herbs are either toxic or with narcotic properties, so, if you try to do anything similar take precautions!
Be blessed and enjoy the magic!


Sunshineshelle said...

I came via Magaly's Witches in Fiction listing, and love the insight into your loving, Tupperware giving quirky family meetings :) now didn't know about the hair binding your loved one to you, but that sounds very visual, may use it in a painting one day ;)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Magical synchronicity!

mxtodis123 said...

It is dreadful what is happening in your country. So sad about people giving up their children. I do hope everything turns around. I guess it's the time of year because I have also been craving. I want a new set of Runes.

angela said...

I remember my grandmother telling me to keep my soiled underpants when I and my first bleed. Again she said to give it to my husband so that he will always love me and be good to me lol I didn't keep it. I washed it but maybe the aura of the thing has been around because my hubby is still here loving me lol I come from a weird family too!