Need for sleep

These days have been a bit hectic.  Although we are back at work, we managed to see my husband 's family twice,  go to the beach,  go to see the dolphins under the full moon, go to see a modern gig in Elefsina(which is beautiful by the way), where we also visited a theatrical museum and eat at a restaurant, go to Athens music hall and watch a beautiful classical concert and go to the zoo and all that since Saturday night.  I cooked for Petros 's family twice,  tried to maintain my workout routine and diet. Till this week is over we have a wedding-baptism to go to and funeral. Did I mention I have my period?  I am so tired!  We are not very energetic-social people, because our works don't allow that,  so this might sound nice to someone but all I want to do is grab a book and sleep.
 I am very excited September is here and we get to organize our time and make lists and  set a routine.  This probably sounds weird to most of you, but it is true. And as I read what I wrote I understand this all makes me seem a bit autistic, or old, or both. I swear I just turned 31.
Brightest blessings to all!!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

wait until you turn 60!

mxtodis123 said...

Sounds like you have had a busy time of it, but that is what summer is for. But I find about this time of year I'm anxious to move onto another season.

I am so excited about September as well. Have to set a new routine myself. Heading on back to school. Loving it, but really have to organize my time.

Leanna said...

Autumn is for socializing, get used to it. You're 31? My Goddess! You're younger than my stepdaughter.

It's a busy time here for me too. *yawn* Yeah right. Like I could ever be busy.

angela said...

Nothing wrong with being a homebody. It's fine when your in your early twenties to party all the time. But you just can't do that, work and run a household. It's too much.
With the coming autumn just go within and recharge. Me I'm going to try and find some energy to get outside in the garden. Once the nice weather gets here xxx

Magaly Guerrero said...

I just came back from vacation and the business hit me right in the face. There was beach walking, whale watching, cooking for the in-laws and so on... Now I'm exhausted, too, and trying to get back to norm... It's not working fast enough. So like you, I need to sleep. If I get lucky, I might dream about your dolphins under moonlight... ;-)

Shadow said...

The change in seasons drains the best of us. Hang in there.