Back pain rant

Greetings blogfriends!  I am having a bad week pain wise.  I just have to realize I am not Superwoman and I will be okay.  This happened because I cleaned up the closets full of baby stuff. Those of you that had toddlers know the clutter that one tiny person can accommodate.  They are like small and cute hoarders.  Her room is officially uncluttered and fully organized and I am trying really hard to maintain my sanity.  The pain doesn't allow me a moment of relief and the endorphins sometimes make me dizzy and tired. Have I mentioned before that I still haven't checked my back out because I am afraid of doctors and hospitals? Yes, I am mature that way. I am not able to focus enough to write this post.  It could turn out completely incoherent.  If so forgive me. Make a wish of relief for me! Lots and lots of love!


Happy Mabon!

Greetings blogfriends!  Equinox blessings to all!  Unfortunately I didn't have time for a tattoo.  All we did were a few prayers, a multigrain raisin cake with syrupy grapes crossroads offering ( go ahead, say this three times quickly,  I dare you!)  which was one of the best cakes I ever made and we will feast tonight with a casserole that is boiling right now, full of seasonal yumminess. I am so grateful for all our bounty, accomplishments and love of our small family.  When I made the offering ( and almost got run over, it was a busy time for our road), I remembered all the offerings I made right there while pregnant and tears welled up in my eyes. This offering was different, it was a heart shaped muffin in a bed of eucalyptus leaves and three jasmine flowers one for each of us, but the love and gratitude was the same. 
Whoever came today in our home,  had some of the cake and most took a few muffins for their home. It felt wonderful as did last night,  when I cooked a feast for a couple of friends and today taking care of my family with some comfort food. I am also grateful that I have all of you guys to share this genuine celebration, my Craft,  Magic and beliefs. It seems as if the Skies felt obligated to honor today the beginning of Autumn and fid their best. The storm energies, the Equinox energies and the waxing Moon swirled me up in their mistful ways and much Power was conjured, thanked and released. May the Goddess bless you and keep you safe. I love you all, so much!


A new season for me

Greetings friends.  The Wheel is fastly turning,  never ceasing, no matter how much one needs to catch a breath. It is forcing us forward,  relentlessly,  in an unstoppable movement.  Ever pushing, ever flowing time.As the leaves are changing so shall I. I am not one to dwell into unfulfilled wants, but being indecisive can drive me to the brick of madness.  I made my choices long ago. Way before I decided I wanted to feel new life grow inside of me. Classical singing is a noble and sometimes cruel art form and I enjoyed it for the best part of my life. But it has a toll I am not willing to pay.  Not unlike most things it comes down to priorities.  But in its case, it has to be the only one.  I love its transcending powers but not that much. On the other hand, making it into a hobby instead of a life choice, to me feels like a betrayal. I can not do that, I never could, I respect it too much. I will probably keep studying every now and again, fill my home with glorious vibrations,  but every other aspect of it, I have to turn down.
As in every other thing, when a door closes another one opens. So this decision,  has many wonderful consequences. In me accepting to follow this path, I allow myself to be open to other musical endeavors.  I would love to learn to be more creative musically. I would love to write songs and be able to play the piano just a tad better(I am really bad!). This will allow me to focus on my writing again, which I have almost abandoned. Perhaps one day, I will go back to school and get my degree. Although right now some tears may fall down my cheeks(I have never been good at letting go of the things I love),  I know this is for the best. It appears as if the coming full moon in perigee Eclipse in my rising sign, has indeed revealing and transforming effects in my life. But, as this post is coming to its end, I feel a weight lifting off my shoulders. I welcome this season of both the year and my life as well.
Blessed be!


Gifts, update and lack of decision making skills

I got gifts today for no reason.  First of all a client of mine brought me my favorite flavor of kale chips,  and I wanted something healthy to accompany my dinner. And then my husband because he knew I was a little down and I never splurge on myself he gave a brand new pair of Nikes because my old ones was torn, a very pretty necklace made out of turquoise threads,  very fairy like and four brown candles.  I feel so spoiled!  And to top it all tonight we will go to a concert of my favorite artist.
 My cold is over and I am back on track with my diet and exercise plan that I didn't quite follow for two weeks... I am still torn about my creative endeavors. I can't convince myself to quit, yet I cannot find the time needed to pursue my classical studies. In this particular field there isn't middle ground.  The technical  and artistic expertise required are not doable without complete devotion and focused involvement. Knowing myself I will probably continue studying whenever I find the time,  steeping myself in deep denial,  knowing deep down this translates into quitting. 
I would love to get one more musical degree in harmony , while also taking more singing lessons for my new repertoire and participate in a company that I have already been accepted to and go to auditions for the National opera. But this will take me away from home, my family and my psychic practice way too much.
Still no decisions have been made, but they might as well have been.

Have a blessed weekend full of love and magic.


Greece, my country on sale

You know I avoid voicing any kind of political views. As you can probably guess as a witch slash singer slash poet I am liberal, but this is not about that. Our elections are this Sunday.  It is an awful time for us. In the past it was proven that no matter what choice we made the results were the same. 
It appears that there isn't a way to stop the rude and open bullying of our entire country by those in power.  They are forcing us into oblivion.  They are consistently killing the middle class and make us follow a plan that only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.  I know this is the case in every single country of the world, but here it is at an extreme. They do not even leave the slightest of chance of development. Our country is literally on sale. 
The truth of our binds is now unmasked and any illusion of freedom is shattered. We are dieing at an accelerated rate in the most literal of ways, hunger, disease and giving up. People give up their children to institutions because they can't feed them anymore.  One of those children was begging her mom to keep her and she swear she would not feel hungry again.  With her plea I close this post,  hoping she'll find her way home again,  hoping we all will.

Creative dillema. To quit or not to quit?

What did I do?  I buried me under layers of fat and obligations.  I squashed my most bright version under my fear until there was nothing there but a shadow with whom I had nothing in common. I couldn't let go of the hope but it was always based on a fairytale. My knights in shiny armors couldn't find me in the darkest hole of my psyche that I was hiding. I don't want to accept it's too late but my investments were not only lacking but also wrong. Is there still time? To do what,  start from the beginning? Or should I accept it's all but a dream,  an illusion that fooled me? I didn't believe in myself,  but to be fair I was taught not to. Did I ever really have a choice? How much can a person exceed their written path? How much is owed? How much is due?Should I accept the facts? Splitting my focus in a million things almost killed me the first time. Even if I gave myself another chance, how would that be any different? Will I give myself a chance,  will I grab it? Just wanting to throw my questions out into the night. So, my Mother's infinite wisdom can once more find me in my dreams. Dear Mother, what path shall I choose now? I scatter my thoughts in a handful of dry rose petals, so my silent dillema can echo into the darkness. 

These are very magical days!

The weirdest thing happened today. Remember when I told you yesterday about my mom giving me my baby hair and the underwear of my first period? And how I couldn't remember at all the spell I used it in? Well, today we went by my mom's house for an impromptu visit and I asked her for some fabrics for Melina Nefeli's room. When she climbed up in the closet that she keeps them she found this special piece of underwear.  Only hours after I wrote about it.  I do not believe in coincidences,  but I always listen very closely to all serendipitous situations have to tell me. Unfortunately,  the lock of baby hair I already used, but it was so nice!
 As my mom jokingly reminded me it's main use is to "bind" one's husband to only have eyes for you. So, I gave it to my husband and told him "here, this is to hex you". Now it's somewhere inside the bags of stuff she gave us. You know a honey jar, a jar of homemade jam, a few books, a tupperwear with chicken, a piece of fabric and my blooded underwear.  We are such a weird family!
Today since the Moon is waxing I did a blessing of the house and my clothes smell of smoke as do my hair. But, these are very magical days and I am always doing something. I also find myself craving a bunch of things a quija board, a new tarot deck, and a bunch of herbs. I want to make an astral travel  mixture of herbs with damiana,  tatula(datula),  belladonna, mandake and ahem... marijuana (not for smoking if anyone is judging!).  I would love to gather them before the Supermoon that is around the corner. All of these herbs are either toxic or with narcotic properties, so, if you try to do anything similar take precautions!
Be blessed and enjoy the magic!


First haircut magic!

A lock of golden hair, firstly clipped under a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse nonetheless. My fairy princess got her first haircut by Mommy yesterday.  What you see is most of the cut hair on a post it.
I always cut my hair on a New Moon and an Eclipse always makes the New Moon even more powerful,  so I thought this was a great time for her first haircut, although she didn't really need one, hence the tiny lock!
 First cut baby hair are often used in fertility magic and they also make powerful amulets to ward off evil. I will give it to her one day, along with a piece of her first blooded underwear, as my mother did to me(although for the life of me, I can't remember the spell I used them in!). Needless to say that she gave them to me when I turned 16 and I used them a few days later, month tops! I loved practicing magic and I had no patience whatsoever. 
Brightest blessings to all of you beautiful people!


Beware potty talk!!

Hi everyone! I was wondering... Has any of you heard  of a child resistant to potty training? We have tried a few times since she was 18 months old. And she gets really frustrated every time a " mishap " occurs although we keep cheering her on. Once she kept herself for a long time from going number two. Today we are trying again!  She really dislikes the whole endeavor and we went to buy stickers and put Peppa the pig on TV.  Also we watched YouTube videos of babies going potty.  I understand that this is a silly thing to worry about.  She will eventually grow out of it obviously,  but besides giving her juice, putting her favorite show,  bring toys around her and squeak with enthusiasm I am all out of ideas. I even made her toys and dollies go potty, and let the water run in case the trickling sound helps. Any ideas??


Small plans and pretty ones..

Greetings to all the blogland! How are you today, you beautiful people?  l am trying to stay on top of my to do list and rest at the same time!  That turns out somewhat doable... Almost!  I baked today a raisin banana bread and a bunch of mini zucchini frittatas trying to honor both seasons and the turning of the wheel. It's a beautiful September this far as the air gets a little cooler,  and the sky fills with grey spots.
I am reconciling with the fact that Summer is over. Usually this is my favorite time of the year,  but now I wasn't ready to get in my busy mode. So, our home is like a beehive constantly buzzing and we are starting to spiral inwards.Because of our cold the house smells of ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Also,  I am drinking hot coffees, instead of iced ones because of my sore throat although I usually don't make the switch till late October. So, we are really feeling the change right now.
This year I don't have big plans for the Equinox, just the usual spell casting and blessings(the Equinox prayer, perhaps a wreath and a pie) but there is a chance I might get a new tattoo. I have a simple and small triquetra under my left wrist and I want a spiral one on my right one. I hope I will find the time.  On another Mabon a few years back I got my beloved little triquetra,  I would love it if  I managed to do it on an Equinox again.  Blessed be!!!

Down with a cold

Greetings blogfriends!  In our home we are all a bit sick.   So there has been a lot of tea brewing,  and tincture drinking and soup making (that nobody touched, because we are all spoiled and don't eat soups!).   But we are not feeling very bad and we had a chance to start organising and scheduling and settling down. All in all,  we are slowing down and focusing. There is a solar eclipse,  an Equinox and a full supermoon coming so there are so many things to be done!! But all in good time,  now I have to rest and regroup some more. Brightest blessings to all of you beautiful people,  I love you all!


Need for sleep

These days have been a bit hectic.  Although we are back at work, we managed to see my husband 's family twice,  go to the beach,  go to see the dolphins under the full moon, go to see a modern gig in Elefsina(which is beautiful by the way), where we also visited a theatrical museum and eat at a restaurant, go to Athens music hall and watch a beautiful classical concert and go to the zoo and all that since Saturday night.  I cooked for Petros 's family twice,  tried to maintain my workout routine and diet. Till this week is over we have a wedding-baptism to go to and funeral. Did I mention I have my period?  I am so tired!  We are not very energetic-social people, because our works don't allow that,  so this might sound nice to someone but all I want to do is grab a book and sleep.
 I am very excited September is here and we get to organize our time and make lists and  set a routine.  This probably sounds weird to most of you, but it is true. And as I read what I wrote I understand this all makes me seem a bit autistic, or old, or both. I swear I just turned 31.
Brightest blessings to all!!