Cleansing and protecting

Greetings blogfriends. It has been a while. I missed writing here a lot but it was one of those times that i did n't feel like i could write at all. Although...i have been lurking at your blogs(a lot!) either silently or not so silently. This Samhein was wonderful, we celebrated it with family with fortune telling, making smudges and  lots of good food. I can't believe such a major holiday passed and i didn't blog about it. Such a shame! But when you are in a writing funk there is nothing that can help.
The weather in Athens is still warm. That is about to change, but i can still enjoy the warm Sun. We did n't have much rain but we are going to and the first water of the Fall is always great for cleansing your home's energy. So, i am going to save some and put it in a sprayer with rosemary essential oil. Then i am going to go around the house and spray it all over walls, curtains,plants and furniture. This will keep the negativity at bay.
Now that the winter is coming i have more the need to cast cleansing  and protection spells. This is because we stay more in the house, with lots of people coming over, we do not open the windows as much and there are a lot of stagnant energies. I have to work on the energy of the house much more than i used to in the Summer months. Crystalls should be charged and placed strategically on various spots, plants should be cared for so they can bring more positivity, charms should be worn by family and pets, talismans should be placed at doors and a new wreath shold be made for the front door. So much to be done and in such a little time and in a little while the preparations for the Solstice will have to begin.
Thank Goddess i love doing all the things need to be done(except for the unmentioned spring cleaning which i hate).
Do you feel a more intense need for cleansing and protection this time of the year?


Lola Enchanted said...

Yes, I do as well!! Thanks for some tips!!!

Hindustanka said...

hi, Greek Witch! Glad to know that everything i fine at your place. Taking care of the family is a very grateful deal, so go ahead!
Do post some pictures of Athens at this time of the year, I am keen to see it! Take care of yourself!

angela said...

happy to hear your are doing well, we are waiting for our summer to start. It has been slow, almost feels like autumn not spring. blessed be my greek sister witch

Magaly Guerrero said...

I cleanse the house and myself more regularly during the winter months. Everybody spends so much time in, leaving their funk on the walls lol