Greetings blogfriends. How are you? I really missed you. The following post is not the one i intended to write. It is a rant. So, run while you still can. The Wheel is turning and once again you can smell it in the air. The days are shortening but are warm and full of light. The nights the breeze  makes my soul travel. This is my favorite time of the year...usually. Not this year. I spent all summer dreading this moment. The time that it all starts all over again. This is my first day in the conservatory and i could n't help it but cry. The pressure is too much. I knew it would be like that and i spent my summer hiding and watching tv shows. I could n't come here and write. Writing requires thought and thoughts come with emotions and i was blocking them. I had so much to share with you. A weight loss spell that i know you would love. Some archaic german spells that i found really interesting. The Eco Eco Azarac debate. But this time i find it really hard to stop spiralling inwards and let go of  fear. Will i make it? Will i be good? Will the time be enough? 

Once again this place works as a copying mechanism. It sure is cheaper than a shrink! 
Be blessed, be happy and be calm. I promise i will return soon with some interesting stuff! I just needed to ge a few things off my chest.


Unknown said...

Man, I hope you come back soon. I could really use that weight loss spell. ;-) Take care!

Diandra said...

Sounds as if you need to change a few things about your life. Good luck! And now I am fwiating for all the things you have not written about yet. ^^

angela said...

Release the fear, release the need to control and it will be alright. Your entering the underworld now with your autumn but I have just come out so I know how you feel. The little bust of spring that we had has helped me come out of a dark place only I don't know what it was I feared. You will be fine you will excell blessings my sister greek witch

Diandra said...

Me once again!

There wasn't even a FOLLOW button, I'm afraid. Fixed it! (I never use it, would probably be easier than putting it in my list using copy and paste ^^ )