Prosperity spell - Magical yellow rosepetals

Hi my loves! I baked my pie yesterday and i can proudly say that i have n't eaten all of it! Yeih me! Today i want to share with you guys another spell for prosperity. This is a variation of the magical rosepetals that i have posted about in the past. But for this spell you will need yellow rosepetals, to symbolise wealth and fortune.
Yellow rosepetals are great for money spells. This is because it combines the energies of the roses (luck, love, attraction) and of the yellow colour Sun qualities. You can always powder them and burn them as incense along with mandrake root and cinnamon on your work place to promote good business.
But to make the magical rosepetals you will need a yellow or gold candle, mandrake root powder and candio(red sugar incense that you can substitute with musk incense).  You take the fresh rosepetal and dip it in the melted candle and then sprinkle it with the mandrake and the incense. Form it with your hands so there is plenty of candle and incense per rosepetal  while you think of your goals and put all the intent of the most specific desires you have about your finances.Then let it dry on a silver plate or your cauldron. Charge it on the waxing moon and burn it on a full moon along with your favourite prayer for money.
Be blessed, be loved and be very very lucky!


Hindustanka said...

Thanks for this spell as well... however i cant get any yellow rose petals here.i guess if i want to do any spell, i will have to adjust it for ingredients available here.
Blessings of fortune and prosperity your side too!

Magaly Guerrero said...

This might be a great spell to do on the Winter Solstice. The yellow might bring a warm smile to the heart of the young Sun God and who knows, he might smile on the magic ;-)

Anne said...

Just stopped by to wish you a fabulous 2013!