Spring must spring!!!

Greetings blogfriends. I am still here. This was the longest hiatus i have taken from blogland. For some peculiar reason, i could n't write. I wanted to. I tried, but words were n't coming out in the right order. I felt really bad about this. I love my blog and blogging, but for some reason that i have n't figured out yet, i just could n't. I was in an introvert mode, not really social in real life too, but i do not think that was it. I think i was a little burned out, from working long hours and constantly studying. But those are good things and i feel blessed for my life.
Right now i am watching a small bird eating from the bird feeder in my balcony. He visits me with his friends every day and they play, eat and chirp happily, driving Shadow(my cat) nuts. Me, the birds, and my pets can not wait for this long and hard winter to come to an end.
Tomorrow is the first night of the full moon and i want to take this opportunity to thank the Goddess for blessing our home with love, luck, warmth, health, food and light. I will throw some flowers, small leaves and petals to the air and i will begin the long process of preparing the house for the Spring Equinox. There are wreaths to be made, plants to be taken care of, decorations to be crafted and celebrations to be arranged. A festival of balance and warmth is coming and i can hardly wait. I believe i have never felt such an intense anticipation for Spring. Being down with a cold does n't help of course. I want to feel the rays of the Sun upon my skin, the long afternoons with ice teas and lemonades, the long walks at nights.
How about you? What do you miss?


Unknown said...

The nights when it hardly gets dark at all!

welcome back - you have been missed.


Urban Earthworm said...

There is so much in the works around here I don't know what I'm looking forward to and what I'm dreading anymore! But I do miss snow.

Glad to see you back. Heaven knows I can sympathize with blogging hiatuses.

Grammy said...

I missed you too. Our weather has been way to warm and tornado's about an hour away. Hail beating our roof at 4am then sun and warmth the rest of the day. Some crazy weather here. I fear very high heat to come. So I send healing energy to the earth.

And also to you. I love the joy I feel in your words. As you plan for spring. Many blessings sent your way. :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

I hope you get better soon and get to enjoy all the springy things you love. I miss spring in the Caribbean. The competitions between crickets and cicadas... between stars and fireflies... I miss summer, too.

Nydia said...

It's great to be here again after such a long time! Hope your Spring is full of positive vibes, sweetie!

I missed you, thanks for stopping by at my blog today! :o)

Kisses from Nydia.