Pagan community issues

Greetings blogfriends. I am a little frustrated. Whatever i read today is about discrimination. Some people have issues with pagans veiling themselves. Some people have issues with pagans that are obese. The truth is that there can not be love without acceptance and what people do to express their faith or what they eat is noone's business. If we pagans know something, is that spirituality comes in many forms. We get so mad when christians, or people in general do not accept our paths and so many pagans out there are disrespectful of others. Why can't we show our love to each other, no matter what? Why should we accept others only if they do things our way, or look a specific way? Be blessed, be loved and be full of peace.


apinkdreamer said...

what happened? did anyone offend you? don't worry please !live the life you want!!!

Diandra said...

I guess that in the end even Pagnas are only human. Heck, I tend to make fun of all the fluffy bunnies out there. If we are serious about it, however, I guess we should let everybody choose their own path, share our knowledge and wish everybody love and success.