Of all the luck

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been? I am getting better every day. The unbelievable amount of herbal remedies seem to be working and that is the second time in the row, i managed to get through such a severe cold without antibiotics. Of course i infuse each cup with power by casting a spell, but still this is big.
Yesterday me and Petros have been drinking our coffee in the balcony, not really because the weather was good but mostly because we wished it was. We both miss Spring and basically everybody i speak with has had enough of this cold. But, we tried to enjoy the Sun dressed in layers. At this point i have to share with you the embarassing fact about me that every time i get a chance, i drop in all fours and search for four leaf clovers. In all my 27 years not once it has worked. And then, P. asks me have you checked in this pot for a four leaf clover? I had last year but..no luck(no pun intended). After a few seconds he found one and then a five leaf clover and then i finally found one too. I could n't believe it, all in one pot.
It is said that where you find one, fairies live. My fairy garden actually worked! Four leaf clovers protect against evil magic and give good luck. Some say each leaf has a special meaning: fame, wealth, faithful lover and health(what else a person could ask for?). When the finder gives it immediately after he picks it to someone else his luck multiplies. If you wear it, you can see fairies(i can't wait to try that out!). It is also believed that when you find it you will meet your other half the same day, although clovers with two leaves are mostly associated with love.
For every one four leaf clover there are 10.000 three leaf ones. Five leaf clovers are even rarer. The five leaf clover is supposed to bring great riches and luck. When P. told me he found one i was a bit frightened. I have never heard of one. When i got it on my hand, i knew it was a sign of the Goddess and i immediately made the connection with the pentagram. I put it in my wealth charm. But there is a lore that says the five leaf clover is a sign of misfortune and witches use it to gain evil powers. But i believe this comes from an era of fear of witchcraft and magic.
I just realised that i have n't yet thanked the fairies for these amazing gifts, but i shall right away.
Have you searched recently for a four leaf clover?
Be blessed, be loved and be very lucky!


Grammy said...

That is wonderful :)
I have never seen one either.
Thanks for the blessing.

apinkdreamer said...

ειναι απιστευτο αλλα κι εγω το ιδιο ακριβως κανω οταν βρισκομαι σε αγρο ή ακομη και σε ενα παρτέρι κοντα!!!
ψαχνω για τετραφυλλα τριφυλια!!! πολλοι με βρισκουν παραξενη! αλλα τωρα που ξερω πως το κανεις κι εσυ...ησυχασα!!
5φυλλο τριφυλλι πρωτη φορα ακουω!
φιλια! καλημερουδια μαγικα!

Unknown said...

πολυ ομορφο blog δεν εχω αλλα λογια...ειναι συναρπαστικο!

Dede said...

Good Morning Georgina! Sounds like you are for sure enjoying spring and it's offerings. How is your mom doing with the surgery? Have a candle lit for her.


angela said...

Glad your feeling better, I have a four leaf clover in my purse to bring me luck with finances and I too have found a few five leaf ones. I don't pick those as I think they are good luck to leave I. The ground!

Dede said...

Greetings Georgina...How is your mama doing? How are you doing?


Magaly Guerrero said...

I have never seen a five leaf clover, how whimsical. Why are people always wanting to make everything evil *sigh* if anything the number five means change, why would that be such a terrible things?

Oh well, I'll just try to say lucky ;-)