Blessing bottles and a misunderstanding..

How can a girl oocupy herself? I am still sick, fighting with coughing, nose dripping, soar throat, and high temperature. I can not speak so i can not work. I can not have visitors 'cause i 'm infectious. I can not watch a lot of tv or sit in front of the laptop for too long 'cause my eyes water.
So i did some crafting. I made a blessing bottle for P. This is the first magickal thing that he actually liked and asked me to make him one. I have been giving them as gifts lately. They are beautiful and pretty easy to make. I found in a store some beautiful, little, round, glass bottles in red and orange and bought a lot of them. I fill them with sea salt, a good luck dust i made that is black and some herbs. I place them in layers and the result is pretty good. I write a spell in a piece of paper, then put it in there and cover it with the layers. At the end i add a few drops of almond essential oil and finally put the cork on and it is done. I decorated most of them with some ribbons and dried herbs. In one i added a tiny rosemary besom i made. For Petros 's blessing bottle i made a Goddess out of fabric and filled her with cardamum seeds. Since i can not sew, neither have a sewing mashine it kept me busy for hours. At this point i have to say that none of the things above are my ideas. The blessing bottle, the fabric Goddess, the rosemary besom, i saw them all in your blogs, but i still can not believe i made them myself.
I have a confession to make. Although i have been pagan my whole life and Wiccan for years i just found that Halloween is Samhein. I should have made the connection between All Hallow 's Eve and Halloween, but i thought Halloween was a different holiday. It surprises me because usually pagan practices that are still common are parts of christian celebrations and festivities. I am so glad that at least one holiday is not labeled as something it is not. This also explains why although it is celebrated in many parts of Europe and US, here in Greece(where we are mostly Christian Orthodox) has not survived as a tradition.
I am tired again. I ll go lie down.
Blessed be.


Antoinette said...

Sorry to hear that you're still sick. Sounds as though you're in need of a really good rest.
I'd love to see some pics of your crafting! Sounds lovely. Also, as a Southern Hemisphere witchypoo, I tend to celebrate Samhain at the end of April, (our Autumn). Halloween isn't very big here in Australia, although some people celebrate it at the end of October. But as it's late Spring by then, it kind of feels a bit out of synch with the seasonal meaning.

Get well soon!

Sharon Day said...

You poor thing. You take care of yourself. I'm sure making something for P will make you feel better just by the law of good returns. Your blessing bottle sounds fantastic. I've always wanted to take time to make little drawstring bags and put the right stones and other features to create a spell bag that be put under a person's pillow while she sleeps to make the spell come true. I never get around to it, but it might be another cool variation for you to try. I love cardamom--it's my very favorite scent! Keep doing the amazing things you're doing. I think you're doing exactly what is your calling.

Lyon said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon, I'm sorry to hear you are so sick! I like how you're making it a positive by using your time to make the bottles though. I bet they are beautiful.

KeKe said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. Samhein as originally practiced is defintely the Pagan term for Halloween. There are some Christians here in the US that will not have anything to do with Halloween because they feel it is completely evil and has to do with the devil. I don't buy into all the Christian lore and since many Christian activities are Pagan based, (so that they could get Christians to convert, many centuries ago)I really don't know what to make of it all?

Bitsa Lit said...

It is really going around isnt it? This sick thing! argh!
Your crafts sound lovely! I have never gotten around to doing anything like that but I want to find a large book with like...parchment in it instead of loosleaf paper, find an inkpot and quill and write my book of..not so much Shadows as Book of Wisdom.
Dont even wory about the Halloween thing! I bet it happens all the time. I have been a pagan for a few years and still dont really follow the sabbats and such... I celebrate all the time, not just once in a while lol!
I love your new layout by the way! It is so beautiful!

Bridgett said...

Feel better, sweet girl.

Your little blessing bottles sound absolutley beautiful.


Shadow said...

sheesh, you're pretty productive for someone sick. those blessing bottles sound superb! and still wishing you a speedy recovery...

jaz@octoberfarm said...

that is one of the biggest compliments i have ever received in my whole life!!!!! i would love to see your photos!

Eliza said...

Hope you feel better soon. Those bottles sound great, have you any pictures?