Mabon is almost here!

Autumn equinox is arriving. I can feel it down to my soul. My heart is filled with anticipation of the magickal time when day equals night. To mark this magickal day and time of my life, i am going to have a triquetra tattoo tommorrow. A symbol of the Lady(which appeals to my witch side) and of the bond of the past the present and the future(which appeals to my psychic side).
I can not wait to celebrate. I have an urge to hug people i do not know. To dance(although i can't). To sing(that one, i can do!). To live(i am still learning how to..).
So my plans for tommorow are pretty simple and fun. My goal is to bring Autumn inside. So i am thinking of apple, cinnamon and rosemary smells. And i will be making some beautiful luminarias and decorate them with bay leaves. I will not be working(like every other Sabbat). The house will be filled with music and i will make Fall decorations! I am going to have a very simple ritual and bake a pie(of what sort i am not so sure!)And of course as i already said i am going to have my first tattoo!
Blessed be my beautiful, loving, pagan friends. Have a blessed Mabon and lots of fun.


Sharon Day said...

I want to see the tattoo! I love mine, it feels like a symbol that keeps it Autumn all the time for me, having a leaf that looks like it fell on my shoulder...ah...I wish they were changing here, but leaves in Phoenix don't change until December. I am thrilled for Mabon, especially since it means the days are shorter. I love that part! I'm going to sit down and write a scene for my novel where the pagans on the mountaintop celebrate Mabon. Since this fictional novel has a community with its own isolated brand of paganism, I have to decide just what they'll do for Mabon. I'm hoping the day will inspire me. I love your idea of bringing the scents inside. I love the smell of cardamom and ginger. I'm going to get some essential oils and add them to vodka and put them in spray bottles so I can use them to spray onto curtains and rugs and things and make them just smell happy.

Shadow said...

oh yippyyyyy, you're first tattoo. i can just tell you're gonna have fun today...

Bridgett said...

I hope your Mabon was magickal. Can't wait to see your tattoo! :)


Danni said...

I nominated you for the Kreativ Blog award, because your blog inspires me.

Stop on by my blog to pick it up. :)