full moon

Merry meet my blogfriends. I am sorry for my absence these days. I have been a little lost in the crazyness of my life. As it seems we will probably keep the kitten which now has a name. He is Shadow. I talked to P and explained to him that i feel he was brought into our lives for a reason and i knew it since the moment i saw him. That is here to help us heal. And although P does not believe me, the last couple of days some well hidden emotions found their way out of me and transformed into words and tears. And P wants to quit smoking. He still thinks that the cat has nothing to do with it but he understood how important this is to me. Have i mentioned i love this man? Tsitsini is still upset but she is getting used to Shadow.
I named him Shadow because of his colour but also because that is where the fears hide and he is here to help me fight my fears. Fight through darkness to embrasse my shadow. And although now that everything is out in the open i feel i am standing on the edge of a cliff i am not afraid anymore. All it takes is a leap of faith and my wings will spread. Just one deep breath and i can let go. Tonight is a full moon and so the perfect time to go forward. Tonight i will use rosemary as an insence. I will be outdoors. I will connect with Her.
Whar are your plans for tonight?


Shadow said...

i'm glad the kitty's staying... and my namesake too. love it!

Sharon Day said...

I'm so happy for you. I do believe that kitten was meant to bring everyone together rather than apart. What an honored place in your lives, a little "cat-alyst" (pun intended). Tonight, we're hopefully having storms. Won't be able to see the moon, but I'll know it's there. I was going to paint my master bathroom (turning it into a zen spa hideaway with pear-colored walls) but I'll probably take a break and go for a skinny dip!

Anna said...

congrats on the new kitty :-) tonight doing a small ritual by myself :-) ~ Blessings

Hibiscus Moon said...

You've been missed. The kitten sounds adorable. We have a rainy cloudy night here. I hope it clears up. I have plans for all my crystals and stones to go out for a cleansing.

Tracy said...

i am so happy things are working out for you. sometimes all you need is a little creature to help you find your way.

because of the new job i completely forgot about the full moon! bad me! oh well.. there is always next time!

deb famularo said...

wanted to say hello, have a great weekend & hugs to shadow! xOxO

wanderingbroom said...

i'm glad the kitten is going to have a home and it couldn't have been a better one!!

quitting smoking is hard. i've tried and i mostly don't smoke now but i will on occasion. :(

btw, i transferred my blog.

deb famularo said...

hi! omg, I'd be honored if you used any ideas I have on my blog, that's why I'm on here!!! Thank you for being so sweet, you have a great weekend! xOxO

Bridgett said...

I'm so glad you're keeping the kitten! :)

Love his name too.