An award, 7 new things about me and the flu.

Hello everybody! Today is was a bit melancholic mostly because i came down with something and i can not enjoy the beautiful day and the vibrant Sun out of my window. But when i came into Blogger there was a great surprise for me. I won an award. D.Suplici of "the whimsical cottage" nominated me. You cam find her here:
http://thewhimsicalcottage.blogspot.com .
The rules are simple:
1. Thank the person who gave you this. Done
2.Copy the logo and pplace it in your blog.I will try(i am filled with pride for my technological skills!)
3.Link the person who nominated you.I think i did it. If not please copy paste the url adress and visit her, because her blog is great.(still,soo proud of me!)
4.Name 7 things about me no one would really know(hmm tough one)
5.Nominate 7 creative bloggers. Okay
6.Post links to their blogs.I "ll try!(it is starting to get embarassing!)
7.Leave a comment on their blogs.Okay
So 7 things you do not know about me.
1.I am eating pomegranade with sugar right now
2.I have downloaded the first episode of "fringe" and "eastwick". I can not wait to watch them.
3.I do not like pjs. I usually wear sweatpants and t shirts to sleep.
4.I love walking barefoot around the house. Sometimes my clients see me like that.You do not want to see my feet by the end of the day!
5.I have hard time not losing small pieces of jewellery and accesories.Not only because my house is a mess but also because i tend to take them off and leave them in strange places. For example i buy 2-3 umbrellas per year and i have none in my home.
6.I drink a lot of coffee and although i do not go out much when i do i drink a lot of alcohol.(Freud would have a blast with me!)
7.I am a poet, a singer, a psychic, a witch, a daughter, a best friend and a soulmate. I believe these are the most important attributes of myself.
The seven people i nominate are(drumroll!!):
1.Bridgett of http://booplustwo.blogspot.com/
2.Shadow of http://gsp-shadow.blogspot.com/
3.Seethroughgreen of http://seethroughgreen.blogspot.com/
4.Soraya of http://dancingsoraya.blogspot.com/
5.Jupiter greenmoone of http://jupitergreenmoone.blogspot.com/
6.Doc witch of http://darksideofthebroom.blogspot.com/
7.And last but not least Autumnforest of http://autumnforestghosthunter.blogspot.com/
I think i have done everything i should. Please check out the blogs above. They are wonderful!
I had my tattoo. I have not yet taken a picture but when i do i will post it. It is great. I love it. I hoped the process would be a bit more spiritual but that is okay. It was fun. I had a great Autumn Equinox. And now i will remember it for the rest of my life.
Does anyone have any flu remedies except for chicken soup and camomile tea?
Be blessed and have a beautiful day!


Bridgett said...

Thank you so much! I'm honored you'd think of me and I do hope you feel better soon. Do you have a cold?

If so, vitamin d-3, vitamin c, and zinc are all excellent choices to help your immune system fight off the virus.

Epsom salt baths are also great as they help your body detox and rid it of those nasty buggers.

Keep very hydrated and gets lots of rest.

Feel better, sweetie!


p.s. Can't wait to see your tattoo.

Sharon Day said...

Thanks for the award!

I'd suggest, believe it or not, rosemary tea. It's good for the immune system. Also tea made with ginger, lemon and honey are good. Ginger is a very good anti-inflammatory.

I like to walk around barefoot too--it's harder now because I ruptured my achilles tendon and had to have surgery on it a year ago and walking is still very awkward without heels, so I hobble a bit.

I can't wait to see your tattoo!

Soraya said...

*hugs* thank you :)
I can't wait to see the tat, maybe it'll inspire me to go get mine.
Unfortunately I don't know much about flu rememedies... Resting and Hydrating are big ones that I know of. I hope you feel better though!
Blessed Be!

Danni said...

Take care of yourself, dear! Get lots of rest and cut back on the coffee and alcohol until you feel better.

I know it's hard - I'm drink a lot of both too! ;) I also have 2 or 3 umbrellas hiding someplace...

Hibiscus Moon said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Sending you healing energy. Rest up plenty. Congratulations on the award!

Shadow said...

congratulations! you so deserve the award. and thanks for thinking of me!!! loved your 7 list. and when it comes to barefoot? you and me both! as for a flu remedy? sleeeeeeep.... get well soon!

Antoinette said...

Thankyou for this! Sorry it's taken me a while to get over here and say thanks. I did like your list there...and I hope the flu is easing up.

Anonymous said...

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