Blessing bottles and a misunderstanding..

How can a girl oocupy herself? I am still sick, fighting with coughing, nose dripping, soar throat, and high temperature. I can not speak so i can not work. I can not have visitors 'cause i 'm infectious. I can not watch a lot of tv or sit in front of the laptop for too long 'cause my eyes water.
So i did some crafting. I made a blessing bottle for P. This is the first magickal thing that he actually liked and asked me to make him one. I have been giving them as gifts lately. They are beautiful and pretty easy to make. I found in a store some beautiful, little, round, glass bottles in red and orange and bought a lot of them. I fill them with sea salt, a good luck dust i made that is black and some herbs. I place them in layers and the result is pretty good. I write a spell in a piece of paper, then put it in there and cover it with the layers. At the end i add a few drops of almond essential oil and finally put the cork on and it is done. I decorated most of them with some ribbons and dried herbs. In one i added a tiny rosemary besom i made. For Petros 's blessing bottle i made a Goddess out of fabric and filled her with cardamum seeds. Since i can not sew, neither have a sewing mashine it kept me busy for hours. At this point i have to say that none of the things above are my ideas. The blessing bottle, the fabric Goddess, the rosemary besom, i saw them all in your blogs, but i still can not believe i made them myself.
I have a confession to make. Although i have been pagan my whole life and Wiccan for years i just found that Halloween is Samhein. I should have made the connection between All Hallow 's Eve and Halloween, but i thought Halloween was a different holiday. It surprises me because usually pagan practices that are still common are parts of christian celebrations and festivities. I am so glad that at least one holiday is not labeled as something it is not. This also explains why although it is celebrated in many parts of Europe and US, here in Greece(where we are mostly Christian Orthodox) has not survived as a tradition.
I am tired again. I ll go lie down.
Blessed be.


Second post of the day. Punishment and reward!

I was at docwitch's blog and she has written a very interesting post about children. Not just about educating them, raising them but about living and interacting with them. How this society, with all it's psychological theories and break throughs is still not children friendly.
This made me remember of a conversation i had recently. I was saying that spanking is barbaric waiting and realised that my friend, who by the way is a psychologist and an abuse victim as a child, thought it is a much needed disciplinary method. That otherwise you can not make your children understand you, respect you and listen to you. That came to me as a shock! I never expected such a reaction from her. But the surprising thing was that the rest of our friends were agreeing with her. I am talking about a well educated European group of people in the year 2009, not some Middle Easterns whose only education has been the process of memorising the Koran. How is that possible? How can we believe that treating children like that is a correct approach? And how is the irony not obvious to everyone?
I am not a mother yet and i have not yet felt the pressures of motherhood. But i still think that something is terribly wrong with our society when hiting children is acceptable. When behavioral techniques for training dogs(still barbaric, but i do understand this is debatable!) are used to educate children. Punishment and reward.
This is the way to transform your children into "what" you want.

Making hard decisions...

Today i had to let the cleaning lady go. Actually my mom did it. I was busy trying not to cry. Her name is Camelia. She is not very good in what she does. She used to come three times a week for 25 euro per time. She is the same lady that threw my crystalls away, washed the straws(not the reusable kind) and talked to herself...a lot! Every time after she left i always had to do some clean up myself. The last drop was when i figured out that she did not wash properly the dishes and kitchen counter. I know it was the right thing to do but she was crying while leaving and looking at me with obvious hope that i will stop her and take it back. She is having a rough month. Her boyfriend hit her and threw her out of her home. And now she lost the only job she had. She was not working for anyone else.Well, for a good reason.
I could deal with my crystalls thrown away, house messed up and clean straws... but unsanitary dishes is too much. I feel so horrible, but this had to be done. She spent huge amounts of water, and chlorine. She did not understand recycling, she used way to much cleaning products, so you can say she was not enviromentally friendly. On the other hand i was giving her 300 euros per month(which is a lot to me) to do the job myself. I need help with the house, so it can look decent and have appointments with clients at any time. All those are valid and good reasons but my heart breaks for her. I hope she will be okay. I have to stop crying. It is getting ridiculous! This had to be done! That's it!


An award, 7 new things about me and the flu.

Hello everybody! Today is was a bit melancholic mostly because i came down with something and i can not enjoy the beautiful day and the vibrant Sun out of my window. But when i came into Blogger there was a great surprise for me. I won an award. D.Suplici of "the whimsical cottage" nominated me. You cam find her here:
http://thewhimsicalcottage.blogspot.com .
The rules are simple:
1. Thank the person who gave you this. Done
2.Copy the logo and pplace it in your blog.I will try(i am filled with pride for my technological skills!)
3.Link the person who nominated you.I think i did it. If not please copy paste the url adress and visit her, because her blog is great.(still,soo proud of me!)
4.Name 7 things about me no one would really know(hmm tough one)
5.Nominate 7 creative bloggers. Okay
6.Post links to their blogs.I "ll try!(it is starting to get embarassing!)
7.Leave a comment on their blogs.Okay
So 7 things you do not know about me.
1.I am eating pomegranade with sugar right now
2.I have downloaded the first episode of "fringe" and "eastwick". I can not wait to watch them.
3.I do not like pjs. I usually wear sweatpants and t shirts to sleep.
4.I love walking barefoot around the house. Sometimes my clients see me like that.You do not want to see my feet by the end of the day!
5.I have hard time not losing small pieces of jewellery and accesories.Not only because my house is a mess but also because i tend to take them off and leave them in strange places. For example i buy 2-3 umbrellas per year and i have none in my home.
6.I drink a lot of coffee and although i do not go out much when i do i drink a lot of alcohol.(Freud would have a blast with me!)
7.I am a poet, a singer, a psychic, a witch, a daughter, a best friend and a soulmate. I believe these are the most important attributes of myself.
The seven people i nominate are(drumroll!!):
1.Bridgett of http://booplustwo.blogspot.com/
2.Shadow of http://gsp-shadow.blogspot.com/
3.Seethroughgreen of http://seethroughgreen.blogspot.com/
4.Soraya of http://dancingsoraya.blogspot.com/
5.Jupiter greenmoone of http://jupitergreenmoone.blogspot.com/
6.Doc witch of http://darksideofthebroom.blogspot.com/
7.And last but not least Autumnforest of http://autumnforestghosthunter.blogspot.com/
I think i have done everything i should. Please check out the blogs above. They are wonderful!
I had my tattoo. I have not yet taken a picture but when i do i will post it. It is great. I love it. I hoped the process would be a bit more spiritual but that is okay. It was fun. I had a great Autumn Equinox. And now i will remember it for the rest of my life.
Does anyone have any flu remedies except for chicken soup and camomile tea?
Be blessed and have a beautiful day!


Mabon is almost here!

Autumn equinox is arriving. I can feel it down to my soul. My heart is filled with anticipation of the magickal time when day equals night. To mark this magickal day and time of my life, i am going to have a triquetra tattoo tommorrow. A symbol of the Lady(which appeals to my witch side) and of the bond of the past the present and the future(which appeals to my psychic side).
I can not wait to celebrate. I have an urge to hug people i do not know. To dance(although i can't). To sing(that one, i can do!). To live(i am still learning how to..).
So my plans for tommorow are pretty simple and fun. My goal is to bring Autumn inside. So i am thinking of apple, cinnamon and rosemary smells. And i will be making some beautiful luminarias and decorate them with bay leaves. I will not be working(like every other Sabbat). The house will be filled with music and i will make Fall decorations! I am going to have a very simple ritual and bake a pie(of what sort i am not so sure!)And of course as i already said i am going to have my first tattoo!
Blessed be my beautiful, loving, pagan friends. Have a blessed Mabon and lots of fun.


Please forgive me for another Autumn post!

The window is open in front of me. The rain has stopped a couple of hours ago but the smell of the wet ground is so intense, that it makes me close my eyes just to have the full effect. Something truly amazing happened to me the day before yesterday. In the face of total disaster i did not freeze in panic, i did not collapse under the pain. I trusted that everything is going to work out and i did not try to hide away from the pain but to embrasse it. After a while the situation resolved itself by its own. And now i am free to soak into the beauty of the early fall and allow my senses to reach out to it. It seems like everything is getting cleansed along with Nature. Even my thoughts. It used to upset me that i had no pagan friends in Athens. Now i understand that when the time is right the opportunity will present itself. I was so afraid of my dark side. Today, after i realised Phoebe has peed all over my freshly cleaned sofa i let the anger flow through me. I realised that surpressing it did not do me much good so i let go. I am still not talking to Phoebe(even though she looks at me with her puppy eyes-do dogs ever lose that ability?- and she puts her face under her paws), but it is just because she has to learn not to pee on the fricking furniture! See? My dark side is free to have as many outbursts as needed.
What is it that makes Fall so special? Is it geological? Does it have to do with temperature? Whatever it is it fills me with a sensation that i can only imagine is similar to taking drugs, although i have never felt this good after consuming alcohol...This time of the year i am always like that, peaceful, calm but at the same time alert. Thank the Goddess and the God for the amazing gift that Autumn is, that humanity is, that life is.
Brightest blessings to all of you my blog friends. Have a beautiful and magickal week and do not forget to notice Her Beauty.


It is getting crazier by the moment..

Greetings blogfriends,
Shadow is growing up so fast. He is now flirting with my coffee. A few minutes earlier he was trying to catch the mouse point on the screen and when it was not visible anymore he checked behind the screen to find it. I laughed so hard. I am trying not to overfeed him but it is a pretty hard task. When he is done with his food he steals from the others. The first couple of days i got so scared, he ate twice his body weight. He is beginning to trust me and to know that there will always be food and he does not have to eat like a maniac. He is already a part of our small family. Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes. I believe you contributed in his staying.
Yesterday i had my first class of the year in the conservatory. It was fun. I missed singing. I told them i will take a break from my harmony classes. I was kind of dissapointed when i did that but it also has been a relief. I wanted for so much time to prioritise my life and i finally did it.
I have some great news. I will buy some crystalls from Hibiscus moon. I am thrilled. I now can see that me losing my crystalls was for the best. It made me motivated enough to go through with the whole internet purchase that i was so afraid of.
On a magickal note, the Friday full moon was so beautiful. The sky was clear and She was magnificent. I was in my summer house and i had a ritual outdoors. This gave me the freedom to use as much incense as i wanted. The result was thick clouds of smoke, that on some points mada my eyes water a little. The flame of the candle surrounded by the smoke was mystical. I introduced Shadow to the Goddess. He is a very magickal kitten. He is contantly rubbing against magickal items, my bell, my box of ashes, my incense burner, my tarot cards.. I can tell he is going to be a great familiar.
Autumn is definitely here. The wind is colder, there have been a couple of storms, the sky has this grey colour painted all over it. And i have butterflies in my stomach, as always.. The only downside is that i have to bring out some warmer clothes,and buy some wood for the fireplace before it soaks in water and i am lazy!
Brightest blessings.


full moon

Merry meet my blogfriends. I am sorry for my absence these days. I have been a little lost in the crazyness of my life. As it seems we will probably keep the kitten which now has a name. He is Shadow. I talked to P and explained to him that i feel he was brought into our lives for a reason and i knew it since the moment i saw him. That is here to help us heal. And although P does not believe me, the last couple of days some well hidden emotions found their way out of me and transformed into words and tears. And P wants to quit smoking. He still thinks that the cat has nothing to do with it but he understood how important this is to me. Have i mentioned i love this man? Tsitsini is still upset but she is getting used to Shadow.
I named him Shadow because of his colour but also because that is where the fears hide and he is here to help me fight my fears. Fight through darkness to embrasse my shadow. And although now that everything is out in the open i feel i am standing on the edge of a cliff i am not afraid anymore. All it takes is a leap of faith and my wings will spread. Just one deep breath and i can let go. Tonight is a full moon and so the perfect time to go forward. Tonight i will use rosemary as an insence. I will be outdoors. I will connect with Her.
Whar are your plans for tonight?


Blog award

First of all i would like to thank a new blogger friend Aewynne Redwolf for an award she gave me. You should check out her blog "Asomatous transformation" at http://geekstress.blogspot.com/ . I will pass it on to Autumn Forest Of "Ghost hunting theories" because she is the hell of a crafter and she is making a bunch of halloween crazy stuff by herself.
Now i want to thank you all for your positive thoughts and your great advice. Although, i do not keep the cats separate during the day, i keep them in different rooms at night. I am still trying to find a home for it but if i can't i am keeping it. The baby kitten scratched Tsitsini on the ear because she hissed him, but i think they are actually getting along much better.
I am sorry i missed your posts yesterday but it has been hectic over here with all these. I am about to start my day early for once(it is 8.30) and i have done a million things already. Blessings to all of you.


Oh dear Goddess help me!

How can you tell if magick brought something to your life? How can you deny the call that comes from inside your heart? Here is how the situation is as objectively as i can describe it. We live in a small apartment with 3 bedrooms but it fits us well. We have a dog and a lazy cat already that like the things exactly how they are. But as i was driving today i saw a black kitten sitting by the road. I stopped the car, walked towards it, Phoebe ran towards it and then i took it in my arms. He is so sweet. He is loving and purrs all the time. He stands on my arms as a pirot for hours. But here are the bad news. Petros does not want another animal but he would be easily persuaded if Tsitsini was n't acting as if someone is electrocuting her. She hates him. She made sounds i have never heard before. She did n't attack him, but she is really depressed. I do not want to make her sad so if she won't get used to him the next couple of days we will have to give him away. And if i can't find him a home we will have to let him where we found him. At a pavement by the road.
My eyes water just thinkin about it. It is a black kitten and i am a witch. It is fate. Right? Things have to work out. They just have to. So i am asking from all of you to send me positive thoughts. I wish there will be serenity in my home with all my pets.
Ps. if you have any tips about how i could make two cats make friends i am all eyes!
Blessings to all.