Turning a new leaf

I returned today from the store, and stocked up my house on whole grain products, brown sugar,cereal bars, wholemeal breadsticks, etc..I even bought lemons so i can replace diet coke with homemade lemonade. It sounds ambitious, but i hope it lasts. Although i have to be honest i am not so sure about that brown rice. It seems... well, nothing like rice. So, i am cutting down on aspartame, white sugar, salt, and a little bit, on fat. Everything is light on fat in my refrigerator and to top it all, i even bought an icecream maker! No reservatives in my icecream. I hope i can make something eatable with it!! Today all day after a long time i have been proud of the stuff i have been eating. Usually i order so much take out food that i dont have to go for groceries very often. So this is a big change and a huge step. My soulmate( who by the way is so skinny that pisses me off) is not so happy about my new organic healthy craze. He loves his coke( he drinks 2 litres a day of that thing!!), he loves his greesy pizza and he really hopes that i will get over it soon.
At this point i have to add that i hate diets. I hate the whole concept behind them. I hate how eating disorders have taken over the western world. And i hate the facism of corporate media and the unhealthy body image that we are so used to it that our original healthy archetypes have been corrupted-hopefully not irreversably. So this is definitely not a way to lose pounds so i can fit into something, although i am chubby. It is about health and making my body stronger. So, the last couple of days i have been eating healthier and i broke my 2 meals per day habbit. I had a lot of snacks and a sufficient breakfast every day and i realised that although i am pmsing i am not craving for candy. Most of the times during the day i want a chocolate, a cookie or a dessert more than once. So, me not killing for something with frosting on it, while i am expecting my period is weird and absolutely out of the ordinary. I believe that this is a result of the frequent meals. By the way, i have a new obsession and it is mini breaks with cinnamon by all-bran.They rock! The bags are ridiculously small, but the upside is: "they can fit in any purse i am carring..."
As witches or pagans we are constantly trying to improve ourselves. Eating is a big part of our lives, it is the way we take care of us and our families, and this is the way we should consider it. Food is not our enemy, something that when it comes to our system we should feel guilt for. Food is not calories we h a v e to burn. Loving our body can get difficult sometimes because of our influences, but it is a big step that each and every one of us has to take on the path of self improvement. What i am saying is we should all take a good look in the mirror and concentrate in the things we like and then see that our "faults" are not really existing. I am sure that the advertises of cosmetics companies would like to prove me otherwise, and would hate to hear you say it. Just to see how serious i am, i will say it.
I love my stretch marks!! I invite you all to say things that you love on yourself either weight watchers and plastic surgents would want you to or not!!
That 's all from me, your almost crazy greek witch. Blessed be!


Bitsa Lit said...

I know what youre going through cause Im attempting the same thing. I talked to a person at a herbal/spiritual/ anything you need store and she tole me that taking a multivitamin every day will help with my sugar cravings (i did the whole 2L of pepsi thing too) and I started taking one and it workes! I can walk right past the pop and not care! So try that for your sugar cravings!

P.S. If ya need some support dont hesitate to e-mail me at seethroughgreen@hotmail.com ...im in the healthy game too...most of the time ;)

Bitsa Lit said...

haha! yup...mental breakdowns can be fun once you cross that invisible line. I must be psychic cause I know exactly what you meant by your comment! To the point where you dont even care...you just laugh hysterically at absolutly nothing! :)

KeKe said...

Thank you for the comment. I'm glad you like my blog.
As for your diet changes...you'll find that you'll try some things and not like them, and as time goes on, you'll see just what you can & can't give up, trade up, or do without. But rather, make adjustments to the things you already enjoy...It took me awhile to figure out a new way of eating. But you'll get there!

... said...

Geesh! That IS ambitious. and brave. I HATE dieting and I dislike change in most forms. I have tried to change our eating habits a few times, my hubby and kids always fight me... I lose. I wish you LUCK!!!! :)