I am a coward!

I am in a dillema! This year, like every year my conservatory is going to have a concert with the best students. I am participating to those concerts for the last four years. This year it is going to take place in a different place and i feel like i am not as prepared as i would like. This is also the first year that a professor of mine, a very vain professor of mine i might add, is going to join us with his choir. Since i am singing solo i have to be great, no mistakes can happen.
These are all excuses.. I am scared. I get the worst case of stage frights and this is the pure and honest truth. I know exposure is the only way to fight it, but goddess help me i cant! I love music, i love singing but i am a coward( i know this is not very wiccan of me, but this is how i feel). The stage, the lights, and the audience, they sum up my darkest of fears. Maybe all i need is a bit of supernatural help. If you have any ideas for herbs, spells,potions i could use i would love to hear them.
By the way, iwant to say a big thank you and lots of love to solitairy phoenix. Reading your post made me understand that i have to stop postponing it and face my fears. Brightest blessings to you all!


Bitsa Lit said...

you know what... you just admited that you were scared, and thats all you can do for the first step...youre half way to overcoming it just by saying a few little words.
I have had my share of stages and after a little while you dont even notice. If the fright gets too bad then i would recomend eating some candied ginger and try to use a pressure point to keep your belly from boiling.
The pressure point is in the middle of the skin between your thumb and pointer finger. If you squeez the middle of the skin you will feel a little ball or harder nerve which is the pressure point. dont squeez it too hard or you will find yourself in a heap of pain but if you put pressure on it for about a minute or two you will have a clear head and none of those belly troubles.
Hope it helped. And for a confidence boost..keep repeating...I AM A GODDESS! ;D

greekwitch said...

You are so sweet and helpful.. I am a goddess, i am a goddess, i am a goddess, i am a goddess, i am a goddess..

Nydia said...

Yes, you're a coward, and so we are all when facing something we don't want to. But go ahead! :o) Once on the stage, simply be, and forget enything else that is not really part of you. You'll be wonderful and will have joy. Breath and sing!

Kisses and thanks for your lovely words at my posts!

Flower said...

I understand. I feel that way about speaking in public or even a little introduction in a small group.

I have found when I silence the thoughts by clearing my mind while concentrating on my breathing that helps.

Also, learning about attachments to outcomes helped me a lot too. Dr Wayne Dyer talks alot about that and its really helped me. www.waynedyer.com

I wish you the best and let us know how it goes!


greekwitch said...

Thank you all for the support. I can't point enough how much it helps.

Dolly said...

I know you'll do great...

Blessed Be