Ashes to ashes...

I wrote a post and it deleted itself!Puff! One minute it was there and the other..gone! :(
Anyway, as i already wrote once today, i have never shared something of my family tradition before with you. That is what i am about to do now.
When a spell is cast with an incense burnt sometimes you return the ashes back to mother earth. You burry them near a tree or a plant and the plant has the magickal purpose of your spell(as the tree grows the spell becomes stronger-good for marriages,pregnancies etc).
Sometimes though, you spead the ashes to the wind, then the wind carries the message of your spell(good for people who are away,metaphysical connections etc).
Sometimes you throw the ashes in the sea-or a river, lake..- then the energy of the spell travells all around the world and back to you(good for money spells, you can expect the first results with the first rain, or cleansing-sending away negative energy and expect back positive one).
Sometimes you spread the ashes on the external of a candle(or use them as an ingredient to that), whenever you burn that candle the flame keeps the energy of the spell alive.
Sometimes you can combine the power of all four elements to enhanse your spell.
But, since i begun practicing my craft i started keeping some of the ashes i made. They are in a wooden box.This box contains all the energy of the rituals, that the ashes come from. When i have a child i will pass it on to it. Then if needed she will use some of the ashes to connect with that energy.
This is where it becomes a bit morbid. When i pass, the ashes of my rituals will beput in another box. One that contains the rituals of my family line. When needed we use these ashes to tap into our ancestors power.
If you start your own box of ashes, pick a beautiful big wooden box. Always be careful! Never put the ashes in the box , if they are still burning. Blessed be with a bit of my family tradition**


Bitsa Lit said...

not morbid at all lol! Its different but really interesting, kind of like learning about something that you never knew existed...the wow factor!

About your comment on my blog! I found that one hilarious and really ironic. You said if you could choose you would have lighter skin, green eyes and red hair! That is the exact description of what I currently look like lol! I have a deal! Ill trade you looks. you give me your tan and brown hair and you can have my red hair and un-tan-able skin! were set!! :)

The Witches Room said...

I love your new graphics! They are very cool. I have no idea how to do things like that or I would take time to decorate my blog a bit too. Thanks for sharing your family traditions regarding the incense ashes. I will have to seek out an appropriate box. I appreciate your comments on my blog. It is wonderful to have support of so many fabulous women from across the globe!

Mhairead said...

Hope you are well GW !! Thought I would just pop by and wave quickly. :)

Unknown said...

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