A tripping witch, or i love you guys

No rituals,no preminitions, no charms, no incantations, nothing is really setting the mood. To be honest i am not even doing something. I am just feeling, and what i feel is pure magick.Magick at it's best.I breath in slowly so i can really make it last. It amazes me because i am indoors just kicking back, i have n't even meditated today. Don't you just love it when this happens? This divine rush of energy running through you when less expected?
I am going to share with you something today. Maybe some of you will think i am crazy( which i totally am, but i am the harmless kind).Maybe some of you will think that i spent way much time watching Charmed(which i definitely did! But lets be honest who did n't?). But i am going to take the risk of you thinking i lost it and say it already. I believe that this way we have of sharing opinions, feelings, thoughts, even fears, while being so open about our beliefs gives us the opportunity to come across each others energies. And you all have beautiful energies. Dont get me wrong. I am not saying i am taking a potion and going to fight some demons or that we dont have dark sides. But before meeting you being a solitairy practitioner, was just it. Something that was mine and only had to do with me. I could n't share it, i could n't exchange experiences with other people. I have been lucky enough to work with metaphysics.I meet in my job so many people that find interesting anything metaphysical and even the fact that my family has a long magickal tradition, these are all things that i have been blessed with. But i have never known a Wiccan before, or even a pagan so well informed and open about their practices. So maybe i get a little enthusiastic and carried away. But i feel so glad i found you.
You can judge me all you want, but this is the way i feel for you: You are forces of light spreading good magick and wonderful energies..( Well, that is what we try to do)
Just so you know i am not doing any drugs and i am completely sobber!
Blessed be my witch friends.


Bitsa Lit said...

I dont know if I could be classified as a witch...possibly of the kitchen variety...but I have no problem being classified as a friend and am open to talking at any time of day about anything at all. Love to read your posts and your comments on mine! Keep them coming sister witch. (P.S. besides Xena...Charmed is my fav too ;)