Queen? I am honored!

I am so happy today!! I have visited blogger -like always- not in the best mood because it is Sunday and i had to work and what did i find out?? I am a queen!!!! I am a queen because of my beautiful friends Spiral Dancer and See through green! My sign is Leo and i have always dreamed of being a queen and because of you two i now am! Thank you, we shall rule in peace and grace!! By the way, it is unbelievable how much i am enjoying this, and probably a litlle bit disturbing lol! I AM A QUEEN!!
I am sending lots and lots of love towards your way,can you feel it although you are in Scotland and Canada? I know it is pretty far but i feel really close to you guys. But i would like to pass on this honor to Tracy of Every little thing she does is magick and Dolly of Dolly and the black dog. I would also like to pass it on back to you although i know it is pretty pointless,but it is just my way to show my appreciation to you my fellow queens!!!


Hibiscus Moon said...

Congratulations and I love your new background here. Its gorgeous.

greekwitch said...


Dolly said...

Thank you! That was so nice :) !

Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...


And thank you! I am truly honored!

Love ya!


Bitsa Lit said...

lol! I hope it made ya feel better!
Peace and Love!