Ashes to ashes...

I wrote a post and it deleted itself!Puff! One minute it was there and the other..gone! :(
Anyway, as i already wrote once today, i have never shared something of my family tradition before with you. That is what i am about to do now.
When a spell is cast with an incense burnt sometimes you return the ashes back to mother earth. You burry them near a tree or a plant and the plant has the magickal purpose of your spell(as the tree grows the spell becomes stronger-good for marriages,pregnancies etc).
Sometimes though, you spead the ashes to the wind, then the wind carries the message of your spell(good for people who are away,metaphysical connections etc).
Sometimes you throw the ashes in the sea-or a river, lake..- then the energy of the spell travells all around the world and back to you(good for money spells, you can expect the first results with the first rain, or cleansing-sending away negative energy and expect back positive one).
Sometimes you spread the ashes on the external of a candle(or use them as an ingredient to that), whenever you burn that candle the flame keeps the energy of the spell alive.
Sometimes you can combine the power of all four elements to enhanse your spell.
But, since i begun practicing my craft i started keeping some of the ashes i made. They are in a wooden box.This box contains all the energy of the rituals, that the ashes come from. When i have a child i will pass it on to it. Then if needed she will use some of the ashes to connect with that energy.
This is where it becomes a bit morbid. When i pass, the ashes of my rituals will beput in another box. One that contains the rituals of my family line. When needed we use these ashes to tap into our ancestors power.
If you start your own box of ashes, pick a beautiful big wooden box. Always be careful! Never put the ashes in the box , if they are still burning. Blessed be with a bit of my family tradition**


Frape, the greek coffee

It is a beautiful day and when the sun comes out as a truly greek woman i have to drink "frape". Of course instant coffee is the thing you drink instead of the real one when electricity goes down. I feel the same way when it comes to hot coffee. But this is different, and you should try it. You put in a blender a spoon of instant coffee, two spoons of sugar and two spoons of water. You mix them, then you put the cream you made into a big glass and you add ice, milk and water. It is simple, as low fat, low sugar you want(you can also make it with aspartame) and yummy!!!
You would normally expect that i would post a recipe for musaka, but this is simplier and i enjoy it in a daily basis! So enjoy!


Turning a new leaf

I returned today from the store, and stocked up my house on whole grain products, brown sugar,cereal bars, wholemeal breadsticks, etc..I even bought lemons so i can replace diet coke with homemade lemonade. It sounds ambitious, but i hope it lasts. Although i have to be honest i am not so sure about that brown rice. It seems... well, nothing like rice. So, i am cutting down on aspartame, white sugar, salt, and a little bit, on fat. Everything is light on fat in my refrigerator and to top it all, i even bought an icecream maker! No reservatives in my icecream. I hope i can make something eatable with it!! Today all day after a long time i have been proud of the stuff i have been eating. Usually i order so much take out food that i dont have to go for groceries very often. So this is a big change and a huge step. My soulmate( who by the way is so skinny that pisses me off) is not so happy about my new organic healthy craze. He loves his coke( he drinks 2 litres a day of that thing!!), he loves his greesy pizza and he really hopes that i will get over it soon.
At this point i have to add that i hate diets. I hate the whole concept behind them. I hate how eating disorders have taken over the western world. And i hate the facism of corporate media and the unhealthy body image that we are so used to it that our original healthy archetypes have been corrupted-hopefully not irreversably. So this is definitely not a way to lose pounds so i can fit into something, although i am chubby. It is about health and making my body stronger. So, the last couple of days i have been eating healthier and i broke my 2 meals per day habbit. I had a lot of snacks and a sufficient breakfast every day and i realised that although i am pmsing i am not craving for candy. Most of the times during the day i want a chocolate, a cookie or a dessert more than once. So, me not killing for something with frosting on it, while i am expecting my period is weird and absolutely out of the ordinary. I believe that this is a result of the frequent meals. By the way, i have a new obsession and it is mini breaks with cinnamon by all-bran.They rock! The bags are ridiculously small, but the upside is: "they can fit in any purse i am carring..."
As witches or pagans we are constantly trying to improve ourselves. Eating is a big part of our lives, it is the way we take care of us and our families, and this is the way we should consider it. Food is not our enemy, something that when it comes to our system we should feel guilt for. Food is not calories we h a v e to burn. Loving our body can get difficult sometimes because of our influences, but it is a big step that each and every one of us has to take on the path of self improvement. What i am saying is we should all take a good look in the mirror and concentrate in the things we like and then see that our "faults" are not really existing. I am sure that the advertises of cosmetics companies would like to prove me otherwise, and would hate to hear you say it. Just to see how serious i am, i will say it.
I love my stretch marks!! I invite you all to say things that you love on yourself either weight watchers and plastic surgents would want you to or not!!
That 's all from me, your almost crazy greek witch. Blessed be!


Queen? I am honored!

I am so happy today!! I have visited blogger -like always- not in the best mood because it is Sunday and i had to work and what did i find out?? I am a queen!!!! I am a queen because of my beautiful friends Spiral Dancer and See through green! My sign is Leo and i have always dreamed of being a queen and because of you two i now am! Thank you, we shall rule in peace and grace!! By the way, it is unbelievable how much i am enjoying this, and probably a litlle bit disturbing lol! I AM A QUEEN!!
I am sending lots and lots of love towards your way,can you feel it although you are in Scotland and Canada? I know it is pretty far but i feel really close to you guys. But i would like to pass on this honor to Tracy of Every little thing she does is magick and Dolly of Dolly and the black dog. I would also like to pass it on back to you although i know it is pretty pointless,but it is just my way to show my appreciation to you my fellow queens!!!


My pendant was delivered today..

I just performed a beautiful ceremony to bless my new pentacle pendant. If i ever manage to achieve that level of technological skill, i will post a picture. It is actually a silver pentagram on a circle shaped white mother of pearl and it is handmade by a dear friend. I love it. I will charge it tomorrow while celebrating the esbat. The timing is perfect. Since i am pmsing i was n't in the best mood but the arrival of my pendant made my day. Blessed be**


I am a coward!

I am in a dillema! This year, like every year my conservatory is going to have a concert with the best students. I am participating to those concerts for the last four years. This year it is going to take place in a different place and i feel like i am not as prepared as i would like. This is also the first year that a professor of mine, a very vain professor of mine i might add, is going to join us with his choir. Since i am singing solo i have to be great, no mistakes can happen.
These are all excuses.. I am scared. I get the worst case of stage frights and this is the pure and honest truth. I know exposure is the only way to fight it, but goddess help me i cant! I love music, i love singing but i am a coward( i know this is not very wiccan of me, but this is how i feel). The stage, the lights, and the audience, they sum up my darkest of fears. Maybe all i need is a bit of supernatural help. If you have any ideas for herbs, spells,potions i could use i would love to hear them.
By the way, iwant to say a big thank you and lots of love to solitairy phoenix. Reading your post made me understand that i have to stop postponing it and face my fears. Brightest blessings to you all!


What makes me pagan..

This is a response to a new blog : paganprompts.blogspot.com, that you should check out.
What makes me pagan? I guess the most distinctive characteristic of my pagan path is the way i connect with nature. You probably expected me to speak about magick, or Wicca, or even my psychic practice. Although all those things define me and are huge aspects of my life, they are n't the most important pieces of my pagan path. The way of cycles of nature, my goddess,the wind, the trees, the rain, the dance of flowers under the touch of wind, the smell of grass, a raindrop on my finger are the most obvious faces of Magick. That is the way i truly connect.
Once around the age of 16, long before i considered my self Wiccan, i was very upset. I was bursting to tears, soaking into grief, and i was feeling really alone in this world. I had tons of friends, a big family that cared for me, but i was so lonesome, no one could understand me. I was running through my neighborhood streets like crazy trying to find a place that i could hide. I found a rosemary bush and i cut a branch, then went somewhere no one could see me and i burnt it with a lighter that i had in my pocket, while i was asking for guidance from my dead grandmother( one that i never had a chance to meet). This wasn't a family ritual, it was more like a need. I am not a medium, but right then i felt her presense helping me, hugging me, guiding me. What i am saying is i was n't always Wiccan but i have always been pagan. I think that you can be pagan without altars, books of shadows. You can be pagan even if you are christian, because paganism is the way our heart connects with the divine through nature.

A tripping witch, or i love you guys

No rituals,no preminitions, no charms, no incantations, nothing is really setting the mood. To be honest i am not even doing something. I am just feeling, and what i feel is pure magick.Magick at it's best.I breath in slowly so i can really make it last. It amazes me because i am indoors just kicking back, i have n't even meditated today. Don't you just love it when this happens? This divine rush of energy running through you when less expected?
I am going to share with you something today. Maybe some of you will think i am crazy( which i totally am, but i am the harmless kind).Maybe some of you will think that i spent way much time watching Charmed(which i definitely did! But lets be honest who did n't?). But i am going to take the risk of you thinking i lost it and say it already. I believe that this way we have of sharing opinions, feelings, thoughts, even fears, while being so open about our beliefs gives us the opportunity to come across each others energies. And you all have beautiful energies. Dont get me wrong. I am not saying i am taking a potion and going to fight some demons or that we dont have dark sides. But before meeting you being a solitairy practitioner, was just it. Something that was mine and only had to do with me. I could n't share it, i could n't exchange experiences with other people. I have been lucky enough to work with metaphysics.I meet in my job so many people that find interesting anything metaphysical and even the fact that my family has a long magickal tradition, these are all things that i have been blessed with. But i have never known a Wiccan before, or even a pagan so well informed and open about their practices. So maybe i get a little enthusiastic and carried away. But i feel so glad i found you.
You can judge me all you want, but this is the way i feel for you: You are forces of light spreading good magick and wonderful energies..( Well, that is what we try to do)
Just so you know i am not doing any drugs and i am completely sobber!
Blessed be my witch friends.


April the first

Did you know that all fools day has celtic roots? The Celts were great fisherman and the beginning of fishing season was April the 1st. But no matter how good they were it is hard to catch a lot of fishes this early. So when they returned home they lied about their accomplishments and it sort of became a tradition. Many think that this is the way it all begun. So be careful and don't get fooled.
Yesterday and today i really feel spring is actually here. Trees and flowers are blossoming, the weather is great, even the birds outside my window are making happy noises. And although i did n't make it to the beach i ended up having a great road trip along with my beautiful dog and a nice night with my best friend. Thank you for all your support. It made a huge difference.
First thing in the morning a friend spreaded holy water over my house, and this evening i am going to have a ritual to welcome the new month. I hope it brings prosperity to all of us.