This is not another post about Litha

Hello blogland.
I woke up today and as yesterday and the day before that, the anticipation of the Summer Soltice has grown inside me. I find Solstices and Equinoxes inspiring because they represent the balance and harmony in the world(broken record alert!) and because the turning of the Wheel is so obvious. They make it so easy for all of us to become attuned with Mother Nature and the Wheel. But i am not going to make yet another post on Litha, at least for now... lol
Today it is Thursday, ruled by Jupiter so you can work with money, luck, health and legal matters. Since the moon is waning, use its energy to banish negativity, bad health(a disease or condition), bad luck and expenses. It is time to smudge your house, take a cleansing relaxing bath and meditate.
For today i am going to make a smudge with pine needles, rosemary, sage, laurel leaves and a bit of rosemary essential oil. Mmm, i can almost smell it.
Love and light,


Bitsa Lit said...

It is almost hilarious that you should tell me to take a relaxing bath, meditate etc.... cause that is exactly what I did earlier this morning and again after work ( with raspberry vanilla bubblebath!) Everything was starting to get to me... work everyday for a good 8 hours and a cluttered room (that I got to air out today lol!) but you know,after i relaxed even for an hour, I feel so much better!

anyway! Im going to get cleaning and then get ready for bed so Ill be ready to work again tomorrow!

Ps. How have you been!?! Havent talked in for ever!

ξι said...

Ηθελα να πω μια καλημερα..
Ελπιζω να εισαι καλα.
Φιλια :)

Tavin said...

Sorry I have been away from the blog land, your post was beautiful and inspiring! if you want to email me you know out side of the blogworld my email is 2laceylee@gmail.com
Bright Blessings