Crazy lady with plants!

Greetings blogfriends. How are all of you today? I am great. Yesterday two new additions to our small family were made(no, i did n't get more pets, i am not completely insane!). They were a pomeganade and a mandarine tree. They are huge. We had to bring them here with my car's top down. For about a mile and a half we were driving with two gigantic trees on the back seat. Now i can officially say that i have plants for all my balconies. That was also true before the new additions, but i did n't want to split my "balcony garden", now it is absolutely and beyond any doubt necessary. More than half of the balcony is occupied by plants. I have trouble going through them to water them. So, i have to split them. The upside is that now i will have room for more plants(i am helpless, i know).
In my "garden" there is rosemary(no surprise there, huh?), lavender, mint, ivy, spearmint, basil, bougainvillea, a spider, jasmin, a bay tree, a lemon tree, two pomegranade trees, rue, a ficus, two brackens, an azalea, a rose,a rhododendron, four tea roses,two orchids and a bunch of trees and plants i do not know their names. I love them all. I talk to them i sing to them, i take care of them and i try to keep Shadow of them(that cat loves to sleep, play and "make" in my plants). In return they purify the air, keep some noise out, bring joy and fend off negativity. When the time is right i trim them and with the residues i make smudges and incenses.
Did you know that rue is supposed to absorb all the negative energy of a house (the bad smell and the bitter taste are considered the results of its ability)? What are you waiting? Grab a pot!
As a kid i loved to play with the mud. As a teen witch i loved my herbs. But as a not-so-grown-up witch i got obsessed with the green world. Do you have a garden, a balcony one or a real one? Do you connect with plants?
"Green" hugs to each and every one of you!


Tavin said...

LOL I can just imagine seeing you driving down the road with two huge tree in the back....My garden was downsized cause we just moved...now all I have is my lonely Aloe plant...on a different note are you on facebook? let me know cause then we could find eachother
Bright Blessings

Anonymous said...

Yay for crazy ladies with plants everywhere!

I couldn't live with out my plants and that really isn't an exaggeration. I NEED them in my life or i will lose my sanity, it's as simple as that. They soothe my soul when it needs soothing and they heal my fractured mind after a particularly stressful day. They grow and I grow because of it.
Now I'll ask for a bit of advice as you seem to be a dab hand at growing in pots! I quite fancy a rhododendron because the flowers are so glorious but they can be quite uncontrolable. Are they very happy living in a pot? Does it affect their life span at all? Also (heehee!) do you happen to know if the willow species are very healthy in pots? I'd really like to have more trees energy in my garden but don't have the space for full size trees so I've been thinking about keeping a few in large pots. What do you think?
And also... thought I'd let you know that I keep having problems trying to comment on your blog and can't load the comments window... doesn't happen all the time and the problem is likely at my end but just thought i'd mention it incase.

Nellie x

greekwitch said...

just checking

Diandra said...

Sad but true, I am not good with potted plants of any kind. Some will survive living with me, but I am very careful when I pick new ones, because I hate killing plants, and I hate living without plants, and I have a brown thumb. :-(

If we had a garden, this would be totally different. Even as a kid, I was responsible for our garden(s) - we moved several times - and I loved it, and the plants loved me. Maybe when we move for the next time...

Anonymous said...

Oh! By the way - maybe you could have a wormery as you haven't got space for a compost bin? Don't take up very much space at all and you get to make friends with the worms ;D
and... ooooh yes isn't facebook wonderful?
*she sings*
...'getting to know you, getting to know all about yoooo. Getting to like you...'

Mother Moon said...

your garden sounds wonderful. i love love how you have it on your balcony.... I have loved gardening since I was a child... I remember many a day out in my grandparents garden with them.. It was them who gave me the love of having my hands in the dirt... still love it to this day.

athenagirl said...

I have always loved plants. Right now I have peach tress, pecan trees, magnolia trees and many others.
This year I have only my traditional potted plants, and a few plants in the ground.
Love your blog.

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I am an aspiring garner- I just got an aerogrow with basil, chives, and thyme. I have mint outside- though I'd reather have more peppermint and less orangemint. I do ok with daisies and gourds. I hope to start a vegie garden soon. but, my money goes on pothos for houseplants! they are practically invincible.
Love your collection of plants