Train of thought(Who will quit first?)

Greetings blogfriends. Eventually, almost none of the things i planned for Friday happened. We ended up going to the mall to buy a fan for the nursery, and i also purchased a G.G.Marquez book that i did not have. We managed to get to the zoo yesterday and as always both baby and mommy got very excited, me seeing the giraffe and baby the duckies. One kept pecking at the soles of her shoes, while she was on the stroller and she was stretching her legs so the duck can reach her and said "papaki"( greek word for ducky) over and over. She is such a smart thirteen month year old. She played a little in the play ground and she slept all the way home, which is very unusual for her. What is more unusual is that when we stopped at the super market and the doors opened and slummed closed again, she still did not wake up and i stayed with her in the underground parking lot because i did not want to wake her .
Then we returned home, she ate and took her bath with daddy while i cooked. Finally just like we do every night, Petros played guitar and i sang  to her for about half an hour. She kept dancing in her crib and "sang" with us, also clapped and kept throwing her tiny night teddies, for us to catch(she does that every night, i am guessing it is some sort of protest, for going to bed at 10 and not getting to watch "hot in Cleveland" with us). Then i resumed cooking and when i finally got to sit down i could not move. We ate and listened to some music and then it was time for some magick. I could feel the New Moon's energy calling me.  There is something that makes me feel like i am where i am supposed to, when in the darkest, most silent hours of the night, the incense's smoke dance over the flames of the candles while my voice chants the magic words. It feels like it is a perpetual Autumn where everything is heightened and the sensations are just melting together.
Before i began i had to remove my socks for some extra boost because the Dark Moon always drains me, the exact opposite of the Full Moon that always makes me completely wired and unable to sleep. After my ritual, i cut a bit of my hair, because there is not a more perfect time for cutting your hair than the night of the New Moon and because i had split ends that needed trimming.
Is there anyone else other there that cuts their own hair? I have been doing that for years. Hair stylists always butchered my hair, cutting way more than i wanted and my hair never got to be as long as i wanted them. Ever since i cut them they always are what i want them to be. Except once that they accidentally caught on fire at one side and i had to call a professional to make them sort of even without losing most their length. This happened to me during a telephone reading, while reaching over a candle to get a crystal. My client got really scared because i started screaming out of the blue. Good times!
And if you managed to follow my train of thought during this post you should get checked out by a mental health professional, because that is not normal.
I love you guys. Remember that tonight is the last night of the New Moon. Make the best of it. Lit your candles and stir your cauldrons, it is the time for magick!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Fun post! I'm glad the little one enjoyed the duckies!

Leanna said...

HAHAHAhahahaaa! I love your train of thought. It's like mine, runs rampant on it's own until I rope it in and say calm down crazy woman.
I used to cut my own hair but it's beyond possible now. I did find someone who can finally do my hair for me the way I love it. She's my husband's barber.
And finally, yes, I have a spell session planned for tonight. I need to get rid of some red wasps that have taken up residence in my garden shed and just keep coming back. I don't want to kill them, just make them want to relocate themselves.

Magaly Guerrero said...

This post sounded like a dance. I was there playing with the duckies, dancing with your babe (I didn't throw any teddies, though) and nearly died laughing at the sight of your hair on fire--I already knew you were all right, so it was okay to laugh.

I trim my hair during the dark moon, too. And when my shoulder wasn't the mess that it is now, I used to cut it myself as well. It would be nice to do it again... maybe soon. ;-)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Forgot to ask, which G.G. Márquez book did you get?

angela said...

Yes I cut my hair by the moon too. Just a little so as to lock in the energy. I love the story of the papaki. Sounds so cute. I haven't been to the zoo for so long. Maybe once I get grandchildren. Lol I wonder do you see now long that will be