Greetings blogfriends. Tonight has been a lazy night. So, i went back and read some old posts. Have you ever done that? Is 'nt it wonderful to remember all the the little things that tend to slip through our hands and memory?
I want to thank you for being here all those years to keep me company, share my little joys and sorrows and for the occasional vents. Also, you have given me strength to be openly pagan in real life, no matter what the cost. I would not be able to do it without you! Also, i am grateful for all the friends i gained here, even for those i have already lost. It is always sad when a blogger you felt close quits blogland, and tonight i saw how many have come and gone.
I truly love you guys and know that i am grateful i have you in my life.
May the Goddess bless you and light your path!


Leanna said...

Are you quitting?? I can't keep you from doing it if you feel you need to.I too have lost a lot of friends in blogging. Many have quit because they became overwhelmed, or got a real job, or just had problems with family members. It's crazy I know but that's what makes many of them quit. Personally, I don't think I can. This is my outlet. Besides, it's fun.

mxtodis123 said...

I know how you feel. One blogger friend who was back and forth between Christianity and Paganism wrote me out of the blue and said, "Mary, I want you to know I really appreciate your friendship.' I had a feeling then that he'd made his choice and was saying good bye to his Pagan friends. That was way back in February. Sure enough, the next day his blog was deleted and his email changed. Haven't heard from his since.

And then there are those that just disappear and leave you wondering.

Thanks for a great post.

Magaly Guerrero said...

"...I am grateful for all the friends i gained here, even for those I have already lost."

What a wonderful sentiment, dear one. I'm with you. We should give thanks for all the experiences and people who help us grow into ourselves, even the one that are no more.

I'm done the going back to read my older blogs. In fact, I'm still at it (I have over 1,100 posts, so I suspect it will take me a while. I find myself laughing, crying and sometimes really surprised by some things I said and some behaviors.

Hugs! ♥

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Bright blessings to you, Greek Witch. Yes, sometimes the blogosphere is like a revolving door but some of us hang on forever, LOL!

Hindustanka said...

Greekwitch, I am always glad to read your friendly posts :) Thanks so much to you too for always supporting and participating in my blogging journey :)

I do hope that my son will learn to sleep a little more than now. He will be 3 weeks young this week, so I think that this time is not far.
Blessings to you and your lovely family!

angela said...

It's truly a wonderful way to connect with others. I'm not as good at posting as I once was. But I do read and I feel less isolated when I do. Thank you for your friendship also. We are bless to know you I'm cyber space

Just Me said...

It is sad to lose so many blog-friends but I have found that they often return after a little respite or life's responsibilities.

I retired my blog "wandering and wondering" a couple of weeks ago because I had a stalker, changed my profile and started a new blog with a different format.

Don't stop blogging! I popping over and getting your take on life!