Stevia angel food cake!

I know this is a horrible picture but that is what you get when you have a hungry photographer. The thing is, i did it! I made angel food cake without sugar or tartar cream(because in Greece when you ask for the latter, you get the reaction you would get if you were asking for a human liver!). It has only 2Tbs baking powder, 2 Tbs of lemon juice, a pinch of salt, lemon zest, 1 cup of flour,1 cup of stevia, vanilla extract(in powder, no oil) and 11 egg whites. It tastes wonderful and if my calculations are indeed correct it has less than 500 calories the entire cake(that is because a lot of the flour was scattered while i was mixing it in!). The impressive thing is, that although it is so light, it is very filling, probably because of all the protein in it.
This is what i made to celebrate the First Harvest. And because i was feeling a bit wild i used 2Tbs of confectioners sugar to make just a teeny tiny bit of lemon glaze. I served it with berries and everybody was quite impressed. None of us had ever tried an angel food cake. In Greece it is not a common cake at all.
That dessert is definitely here to stay, although it is such a mess to make. If you have n't tried it, do so. It is so worth all the trouble. The original recipe without the stevia and all the right ingredients is here at Octoberfarm. Go ahead to see how much more impressive this cake can be, if you make it like you should. But, even if you are like me and always on a diet, you can always make the disgusting  even healthier version. No, i am kidding. Even stevia could not ruin this cake. It is that good!


Leanna said...

OMG! Cake is my favorite dessert. Your's looks yummy!

I'm scared to make a cake with none sugar ingredients. Everyone says it's great so I guess I'll try it next week when we go grocery shopping. I need to start stocking up on baking items for Autumn. It's my favorite time to bake.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm a cake slut. Yes, I said it. I would do anything for cake, but can't eat it because of the sugar. I will follow your recipe--mess be damn!

It looks and sounds yummy!

mxtodis123 said...

Your cake looks delicious. I recently purchased a book on making 'Dump Cakes' and am waiting for the weather to cool down. The cakes look pretty easy. All you do is toss everything in a pan and bake.

I love Blue Bloods as well. I especially enjoy the dinner table scene every week. Not only does the food look so good, but you just don't see that kind of family life anymore.

Shadow said...

Ahhhh, cake, you are an evil temptress...