Weight loss spell

Greetings blogfriends! I am much better today. Thank you for all your wishes. Tonight I came here to tell you about a mirroring spell I did a couple of months ago.
As you already know I have struggled with my weight a lot. But this was not always the case. I had a bit of a metabolic problem due to some hormonal imbalances I had as a teenager, but I was still a thin person. A very hungry thin person.
A few years ago I unintentionally exchanged energies with someone very close to me. I was performing a coffee reading to her and suddenly a coldness came over me and I couldn't breath. At that moment I saw some gruesome details of her surgery but the feeling was deeper and completely overwhelming.
That person was obese but started losing weight and I started gaining. At that point in my life I did readings anywhere and under any circumstances. No protection whatsoever. I was young and naive.
My health problems became gradually uncontrollable and the doctors could not help me. When they couldn't explain what was happening with my thyroid they either thought I was lieing about the medications they were giving me or told me it was stress. But the only thing stressing me was my condition. Anyway, the years went by and I did some spells,all love and light, and I managed by tuning in to my body to selfmedicate and control my various metabolic conditions. I managed to lose a lot of weight really slowly and painfully. But I was grateful because there was a point that all the pain and struggle would not matter.
But then I became pregnant and gave birth to the most magical creature. When she was inside me she was draining me completely and so all I managed to do was to protect her. When she came I was a mess. My thyroid was once again uncontrollable and I had a cancer scare. My doctors adjusted my medication and then I had the worse case of hypothyroidism in years. I was producing   more than 2 litres of breastmilk per day, eating extremely carefully and I was gaining. When the  milk stopped it only became worse. I would spin like a crazy person and no sweat would come out. For months I was malnourishing myself and work out the best I could with my bad back and I wouldn't stop gaining. But not once I lost my hope and not once I gave up. I found an enzyme that helped and kept pushing.
At this point I managed to stop gaining.But, by this point I have had it! So, I put my witchy hat on(well not literally that is just for Halloween) and I cast a mirroring spell.
 It had three parts. It involved sending the weight to those that wished me harm(in this case, weight gain). Also, I combined it with a curse breaking spell of my mom's and a blood offering for beauty. All my fingers bled and my doorway was marked. It happened on the Full Moon.  Looking at her silver beauty it all came to me and I was entranced.
After that I started sweating and shedding the pounds more easily than ever. And a few people began gaining. Amongst them, this friend of mine. By the first moon she gained 6 kilos while I lost the exact same amount. I was not happy by her troubles. It only proved to me that her love towards me was not as pure as mine. Fortunately she stopped gaining and I did not stop losing. Both facts gave me great pleasure. I was surprised to see a couple of people complaining about inexplicable gain and really surprised by another who did not. I keep chanting the prayer every day.
This spell brought me great things. Most important of all it almost healed my back. It made me sweat like a pig. It gave me a glow I haven't had in years. It led me to incorporate in my routine eft tapping and cinnamon and honey potions( I will make another post just about those two soon).But most important of all, after two months of worrying disbelief I finally feel free!
I know mirroring spells are frowned upon some Wiccans but I have never done anything that felt more right in my mind.
And finally, I want to discourage everybody from self medicating. It is wrong. I just have a bad carma with doctors mainly because of my Saturn in Scorpio. My grandmother was born under its influence(died because a doctor forgot a radium treatment inside her!).
My mom was born under its influence(she died once for a few minutes and came back and then almost killed because a doctor would not admit a surgical mistake that required plain calcium supplements).When I was born I could not breath for 5 minutes because a doctor after days of labor did not do a cesarean.
And now my daughter was born under its influence(yes, we procreate every 28.5 year's) and I hope she has better luck than us.
If you have Saturn in Scorpio choose your doctors carefully!
Be blessed my love's!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad things are looking up!

Shadow said...

Mind-blowing, what you've told me here. Happy for you, though.

angela said...

Oh my what a wonderful spell. Give it back to those that wish you harm. I have lost 20 kilos and although it has brough up all the emotions that I hid under those kilos I have been dealing and feeling better than I have in years. I might have to try the give it to those that wish me harm. I bet I know who would get the weigh gain. But then again I may be just as surprised as you. Blessed be my sister and well done you xxx

Adrianne said...

Your results are amazing and I love your spirit.

Mirror spell. I will be preparing for it this month.

Thank you for sharing.