Greetings blogfriends! How are you? We went this Saturday to our first children party and we were given a pet goldfish in a tiny bowl. Do n't get me started on how inconsiderate gift i think this is. Because we could n't find a proper home for her we are making her an aquarium.We would never keep a fish in a bowl, since it is really bad for them, so we spent a lot of money on a pet we did n't really want. But i have grown fond of her in this two days and i am really excited about creating the best conditions for her. 

Also, we decided to also give her a roomate, a tiny pink water frog! How exciting is that? I am going to actually have a pet frog. I love frogs! I think frog is one of the most magical creatures! When the whole thing is set up, and ready for them( it takes some time for the water to get ready), i am going to post some pictures of them! 
The thing is that although in most cultures fish are considered good luck, in Greece it is the opposite. But i let my insticts guide me and i felt really good about it. Nonetheless, it always is kind of difficult to incorporate the water element in  a home. So, i think it will take some time till i find the right place for the tank. I can already picture Petro getting really annoyed to carry the tank from one place to the other!
Have a blessed week my darlings!!!


Hindustanka said...

Oh congrats on your first party :) I am sure you will tak egoo dcare of this little fish, however I feel that such gifts shall be discussed first... It is such a resposibility to keep any pet, especially those who need special environment.
Looking forward to see you aquarium :)Sending blessings to you and all!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, it's never a good idea to give away living creatures as unsolicited pets. You're right.

mxtodis123 said...

Those little frogs are so sweet. We had little white ones in our aquarium at work. Little critters used to tease the fish. I do know how you feel about unsolicited pets. Taking care of an aquarium can be a lot of work, but so joyful to watch.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I would not be happy on getting a fish.

Honestly, I'd probably flush it down the toilet. We really aren't fish people. Our cat would probably eat it.

angela said...

Children's parties. Nope I don't miss those lol your right an animal is a pet and not a gift. I wonder how many will get flushed down the toilet!
I do look forward to seeing your frog though. I love frogs and in our other place a green tree frog would visit every night on my kitchen window as I did the dishes. As my husband worked late and all I had was a toddler to talk to I enjoyed my nightly conversation with the frog lol see I'm not quite right

Leanna said...

Whenever I am invited to a "Spring Party" (my neighbor has them) I bring wind chimes. The sound of them is so nice to hear. I just love them.