Just a day around the house.

Greetings bogfriends! Today, i swept the house with the broom! Then i vaccuumed it. Then i mopped it(is that even a word?). Then i steam cleaned the floors(yes, they were n't clean enough yet), baby's big rug, baby's small rug, baby 's fur toys, baby's crib and everything in it, baby's stroller, baby's chair, our shoes, one of my client's shoes(i had just cleaned) and every surface i could think of. Then i did 4 loads of laundry and picked up three dry ones. I changed the sheet. I changed some pots. Fed all animals and baby(me and the husband are still hungry). Cleaned the water of the fish's bowl. I saw a couple of clients. Can you believe the house is a mess again only after half a day?
 And then i let the baby explore the house for 3 hours, which translates into me following the baby around for 3 hours. Then i bathed her and we played some more. She went for her first time out(her first 3 time outs actually) because she would n't stop eating some cables,  then a pine cone and because no matter what i did she had to throw down a cup of coffee(i do n't think she understood the concept, she would n't stop laughing). Then i cleaned the spilled coffee from the walls.  We sang and played the piano(she  shrieked while pressing random keys).Fed her a couple more times. Put her to bed. She was exhausted!
My back is hurting, but who cares? She took her first step today! She was standing without holding on to anything, took a step, standed a bit more and then fell down! Her legs are so bruised lately because she is standing and falling all the time. Have i mentioned that she only takes one small nap during the day and is  constantly in motion?
I used to hate cleaning up. The house was always a dirty mess. Now, it is still a mess, but a clean one. I can't believe how much Melina Nefeli changed our lives. I am still eating pop corn and watching Friends every night. But, now i do it in a clean house.
Be blessed, be loved and be lucky enough to have a live-in maid!


mxtodis123 said...

My, but you were busy today. No wonder your back is aching. It is so special when our little ones take their first steps. I remember reaching out and grabbing my eldest because I thought he was going to fall.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, the first step! A big day in every baby's life! Congrats!