Cell phone blogging, errors and pregnant ladies

How much blogging from your phone pisses you off? It is so convenient so you can't resist doing it, but then your autocorrect keeps changing the comments you leave and you don't realise it till it is too late. And then you go and check your comments and instead of publish, delete is pressed! How annoying is that?
So, if all of you wonderful people who left a comment that i accidentally deleted could be kind enough to come back and leave the exact same comment you originally left, i would be eternally grateful! No? You are not up for that? How rude!
I just want to give many blessings to two blogfriends that are walking down the most magickal path of their lives. They are about to become mommies and if you do not know them already it would be great if you went by to say hi. So, make a happy thought for them and wish them well.
Blogmommytobe number one:hindustanka
Blogmommytobe number two:Lola.
Have a blessed day my loves!


mxtodis123 said...

I know exactly what you are saying. On Christmas Eve my old computer went, and all I had was my cell phone and the tablet hubby gave me for Christmas. That auto correct drove me so crazy that I eventually gave up blogging until I got my new computer. For no known reason both of them would invert letters and words or type double of the first letter. Drove me up a wall.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Congrats to both Hindustanka (I follow her blog already) and Lola (will have to check out her blog)!

Hindustanka said...

How sweet it is of you Greekwitch to have mentioned me and another girl :)))
Also... well.. I don't remember what I wrote last time.. lol :) But i will try to recollect!
Sendign blessings to you and your sweet daughter!