Keeping the light alive...

Last night was a very windy night. It was the new moon and i slept listening to the beautiful sounds of my wind chimes(i have about a hundred). I felt relaxed, calm, centered and grounded. The wonderful breeze was coming from my open window and it felt as if She was keeping me into Her arms. They are weird the things that help you connect.
Right now it feels like it is about to rain. The air smells like rain and i am experiencing the sensation of a storm that is about to come. An ugly thought tried to make its way to my heart, but i stopped it. There is no room there right now for stress. I know everything is going to be okay and work itself out.
I am just going to keep listening to the sounds of my wind chimes and feel again that i am into Her arms. And if a storm comes a real or a metaphoric one i will deal with it. Because now i know that strenth does not come from enduring difficulties but from retaining the ability to love during those hardships. Keeping the light alive during darkness.
I was just thinking that from just one word i made into my mind a whole catastrophic scenario. You got to admit it is some sort of talent. In a split second to see the worst possible way things could advance. But you know what, i am an optimist. It is easy to be brave and positive when you can't see the difficulties that may appear. It is far more difficult to take a deep breath and "believe".
Since it is a windy day and the moon is waxing i think it is time for the leaf. I will cut a big, beautiful leaf and write on it the things i want for me in the immediate future. Then i will let it fly away from me. I will do it during the night. I will have a burning candle on my side and love into my heart.
I hope you will do it too. And who knows? Maybe our leaves will meet into the air and travel the road to heaven.
Brightest blessings,


mxtodis123 said...

I love these windy days. We have quite a bit of wind here in the city too. Went out early to do my food shopping...taking it nice and slow.

Rue said...

"Keeping the light alive during darkness." Yes - sometimes that's all we have to do. Not solve great issues all at once - just keep the light alive.

I really like your leaf idea. I may just join you!

Changing Girl said...

What a beautiful post. So nice. I hope your leaf flies high and beautiful; just like you. This post of yours gives me hope too.

Bitsa Lit said...

The things that help us connect are never really strange if they truly make you feel connected :P The wind gives you a sense of power, of purity and calm...you breath in and it feels like your body melts away and you are simply a consciousness moving with the wind... It is the unseen hands, the invisible motion, the cause that has so many effects... yet it is still unseen. I think that the wind connects to you on even deeper levels than many people because like the wind, your gifts are from the invisible and mysterious realm that many do not and can not enter. The full moon may no longer be the time for you to practice your craft - the middle of a wind storm could be that time.

C said...

Amazing what our minds can conjour up :) i will do a leaf too and perhaps our leafs will meet :) x x x

Magaly Guerrero said...

This is such a bright post. It gave me a feeling of ease that very few things (people included) can accomplish. I will do the leaf thing, but not today, but Wednesday... at midnight. It will be a very important day for me. A day of decision, changes and moving forward.

Hope my leaf catches up to yours ;-)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Your Pagan Culture TOUCH is up!