Nagging alert!!!

I know the dangers of nagging. I was the one talking about the Law of Attraction a few days ago. But there are some times that a girl just has to get it out of her system.
So, here it goes...
My period is 8 days late although i repeated the 2 months treatment. I cracked a tooth eating pop corn...again! I have a minor headache after i broke my tooth and although i know it is psychological, i can't help it! I have pulled a neck muscle doing yoga! I am sore! And to top it all, Petros is sleeping so there is no one to hear about my pityful complaints! You can't say i did n't warn you!
Have i mentioned i am the definition of a cry-baby character? Whenever i am expecting my period the most ridiculous of problems seems unsolvable(is that even a word?Who cares it is 3.30 in the morning)! Also, i am on edge, easily irritated(feel free to feel sorry for Petros), moody, sensitive, depressed even. Not to mention the bloating, overeating, cramps, muscle pains and headaches. It is okay when this lasts a day or two, but eight? That is fricking torture! The worst thing is that i acknowledge the fact that i become impossible. Before coming here, i actually thought about waking up P. to complain. Then i realised it would be unhumain and grabbed the keyboard(lucky you!).
Usually gigantic amounts of chocolate do the trick. But today although i emptied my kitchen cabinet,it did n't work. But i made a herbal tea to help me with my nerves, although i thought it was a lost cause, and it is starting to work. I made a mix of Saint John's wort, lavender and valerian root with honey. It is like a cup full of heaven. It is yummy and soothing. See? I have n't lost completely the ability to see the positive. Soon, the sun will rise to the day of Brigid. And after i make coffee and a dentist appointment i will decorate my altar with flowers, herbs and rocks. In the middle i will have a small glass of milk.
Let the light return.
Be blessed, be loved and be *positive*!!!


Emme Toaye said...

I'm sending some positive vibrations your way in hopes of scaring those "Positive energy Vampires" away from your vicinity and replacing any negativity with a pure golden shield around you and only sweet warm breezes to fluff your halo.

mxtodis123 said...

Boy, am I ever lucky that I am well past all that. I'd forgotten what cramps and bloating felt like. I sure hope you feel better soon. Miserable feeling that way.\

Bridgett said...

Oh my love, I can so empathize with what you're feeling. I've been there.

Feel free to nag to us any old time you want to.

I do hope you're feeling better tomorrow...it is a day of fresh starts, after all. :)

Blessed Imbolc to you!


Felicitas said...

In case it's not just really bad PMS... banish. Can't hurt!

Sharon Day said...

All girls need a dumping ground now and again. Just take care of yourself and try not to allow self-pity, it makes one lose her dignity. Whenever I catch myself sounding like a petulent child, I remind myself that I have complete control, even if it's just control over feeling sorry for myself. Some days of the month that's really impossible, and so the chocolate hunt in the cabinet begins. If I'm lucky, there's some there! If I'm not, I cry in the bathtub and listen to soft music and inhale the steamy heat and scented soap and drink some chamomile tea--with a bit of rum.

greekwitch said...

Emme that is so sweet! Thank you for all that love!
Bridgett, thank you and blessed Imbolc to you too!
Felicitas, i have n't thought of the alternative i am so going to banish!
Autumnforest, as always feeling me completely. I am hanging in there, no self pity allowed!
Brightest blessings to all!

Mother Moon said...

Every girl needs to dump a little sometime and who better to do it with than friends... Ah mood swings...I feel the same in regards to my menopause... sometimes I actually feel sorry for those around me... glad to hear you found a remedy in your tea... Hope this day of Imbolc brings you a bit of peace and the dentist give you some relief to your tooth. Enjoyed your bluntness... :-)

Anonymous said...

You just described my last week emotional roller coaster but when things are like that, take a long bath, meditate, do yoga or something that would release negative energy. Surround yourself with white light, pop in a comedy movie, cuddle your animals, listen to easy listening music, the list can go on and on... You'll get through it, we all do ;(

Take care and be positive as you said ;)


Shadow said...

oh sweet heart, i hope it lifts soon!

Anonymous said...

If I weren't complaining or bitching about something I'd be a mute : )

Lyon said...

Oh I know so well the hormonal torture of which you speak! I hope by now it has passed and you are feeling more like yourself again. Poor girl!

Sugar said...

oh dear..I totally feel your pain..I just went through the same thing..for two weeks! ugh..sometimes I dislike being a woman..but then I look at my girls and smile and forget all about it.. then yell at the dog :)
Good luck to you doll!