Vacation pictures

This is our last day of vacation. It was really delightful!  I played with the huge waves, unlike my husband and daughter until I was sore all over, I had cuts in various places of my body and especially feet, and until I was totally sunburned because getting your assistance kicked by the same gets you a little sidetracked and I forgot to renew my sunscreen. These are not the huge waves but we forgot to take pictures of most of our trip. We did however take pictures of some beautiful waterfalls that were still there in the hottest part of the Greek summer. And of some spectacular things we found at the archeological museum. I will post more pictures soon and hopefully by then I will have mastered the art of putting them in the order I mean to put them!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Looks idyllic!

angela said...

Looks beautiful. Would love to be there right now. Today here was cold and very wet!

Leanna said...

I want soooooo much to visit Greece. It's so pretty and steeped in such a deep culture. I would want to stay at least a year to see everything. Also to meet you guys. *sigh*