Birthdays and goals

Greetings blogfriends! The day before yesterday was my 31st birthday.  I had to spend it without my husband because he was on a small tour, but thankfully at around 2 am he came back, so I got to see him on my special day. It was very quiet and I spent the day with a friend and my little fairy, but as always I got to thinking of the year passed and the things I accomplished. In the past my accomplishments were more academically oriented,  but this year I was mostly focused on getting more healthy and strong.  I wanted to strengthen my back and fix my thyroid and lose weight that seemed impossible at the time with those two issues.Having a low metabolism and not being able to move don't really scream weight loss. But gradually the bad days became less and then the good days were more and now I get to work out almost every day for half an hour on my trampoline and do some strength training or yoga after that.  I found out about yoga with Adriene from one of you( I am sorry,  I can't remember which one) and I am currently doing her 30 days program. I never thought I would consider exercise a privilege,  but chronic pain completely transformed my way of thinking and forced me to take care of myself and make me a priority.  I also discovered intermittent fasting and right now I am doing the warrior diet, only more protein focused. I have managed to lose since my last birthday 27kilos( I think that translates into 59 pounds but I wouldn't trust my math), which is quite decent considering all the obstacles.  I take a vast amount of supplements in hope of a healthier thyroid gland which I will check around September.  Fingers crossed on that one.. This year I also stopped ignoring the truth about my voice,  which translates into a lot of work,  but it is so worth it.  So, I have a lot of studying to do, which sometimes scares me in a counterproductive way, but I am fighting through it. All in all it was a good happy year and I am making myself feel proud of what I managed to do, instead of the things I have failed in.  This is the first year I managed to do that and I am happy to say, that this was the least depressing birthday in a while.

On a totally unrelated note,  on of my birds( my favorite one, the white Canary)  is very sick. We are trying to help it with a bunch of treatments,  if you are able and feel like it please send healing thoughts and wishes for her.  She is such a peaceful soul.


mxtodis123 said...

Happy belated birthday. So happy to hear that you are feeling better. Yes, we do have to take control of our own health. As my pain has increased and my blood pressure rose, I, too, have been looking into healthier ways of living.

Have a wonderful new year where everything gets better and better.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

good for you and happy birthday! what an accomplishment! and good energy being sent your birds way!

Leanna said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope this next trip around the sun brings a healthier, happier time for you. You are doing so many great things for yourself.

angela said...

Happy belated birthday. Well done on your weight loss. Chronic pain makes everything so very hard. But good on you for doing it xx