Weight loss- diet rant...Beware

Greetings to all the blogland. I missed you terribly. I have been so buzy lately that i have n't had the time to do so many things i wanted. Blog, and by blog i mean stalk you silently in the creapiest of ways, study music and by study i mean once again stare silently various sopranos do their thing, since i am so tired. I did not get exhausted just by all the work, but mostly because of one more visit to my endocrinologist. She once again urged me towards a surgical solution and pointed out how little weight i have lost while resolving on such desperate measures. I have been on Atkins and Orlistat with a daily vigorous cardio routine and in 2 months i only lost 3 kilos.Which was very little considering that i am rather heavy. So, she gave me a list of hormones to check out and she basically told me she could not help me any further. She wanted to give me a pill that is usually prescribed in diabetics that helps you metabolize carbs but i am hypoglycemic, which makes it impossible. I lost all hope after that visit. I spent the afternoon on my office floor crying. I can't keep facing the dilemma of surgery  every other month. So, i called my nutritionist to give me an extremely low cal-low carb-low fat  diet(basically no food) in hope that it will jumpstart my metabolism. I told her i called her because i could not do it safely by myself but the truth was, i just could not bear the responsibility alone anymore. This way, if it failed it was somebody else's failure.
Thankfully  though, being under 900 calories while on Orlistat and still working out like crazy was more effective and in 2 weeks i lost almost 1.5 kilos. I hope that while i lower my body fat my thyroid function will get better and my nodule will stabilize. I am not giving up. I have to avoid surgery. Especially now that i am studying heavier roles of dramatic voices and thriving.
On a more magical note, this Beltane we celebrated our 5 years anniversary with one more handfasting in front of some of our closest friends. Unfortunately very few could make it since it was a holiday and everybody went away on a long weekend. We were only 10 people and we had it at home, because we were afraid for the weather, but we had so much fun. They were all curious about the ceremony, but very open about it. I promise i will post some pictures very soon. There was a lot of drinking so i will show you the early stages because later everybody sort of melted on the floor, but at least there was a lot of laughter. As always someone slept on our couch and everybody was cursing us the next day for providing so much alcohol.
I am so happy we exchanged our vows again this year. I feel everytime it brings us closer and binds us in the deepest of levels.
Be blessed, be loved and be magical!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Being on a diet (or three) for months and seeing little results really blows. I know from experience. I need to lose 14 lbs. about 6 kilos. I know it sounds like almost nothing, but my workout choices have been so limited lately that getting rid of that (in order to stay away from diabetes) has been quite the problem.

I so hope your dietitian can come up with something that truly helps (without starving you, which is so dangerous).

So happy the singing is doing well. And the loving, too. While those are working, the rest can be accomplished! ♥

Shadow said...

Hallo sweet thing. Don't give up, slow and steady loss is better than fast, which tends to creep back. Celebrate your voice, your life and your loves, and the rest tends to follow. Good luck, thinking about you...

Gia said...

oof, I'm sorry the weigh loss has been such a struggle - it's so frustrating when you work super hard without results. I've actually had a little bit of success on an atkins-like diet (vegetarian, but low carb), though it's sooooo slowwwww

Magic Love Crow said...

I understand weight loss! Believe you me! Eating for me, was like an addiction. I once was 343 pounds! I still haven't reached my goal weight yet! I understand everything you are saying. I drink tones of water and have either two large cups of green tea a day or green tea and red tea. I love my protein! It works for me! Sending you all the best! Happy 5 years anniversary ;o)