Shrinking the nodule one tea at a time!

So, I started acupuncture yesterday. It went very well.  I also begun supplementing with selenium, magnesium, calcium,  d3 and fulvic acid. And soon I will also be taking guggul,  and omega 3. I also want to start daily sessions of eft and meditation.  I think it is about time to let myself heal and grow strong.
Western medicine is wonderful but right now needs to join hands with an eastern path. I also make every night masks of green argyle to apply to my neck, while I chant a Gaia spell. Grounding in all forms and lots of wonderful singing vibrations to heal my thyroid and shrink my nodules.
Diet wise I have accepted the fact that my body doesn't work like most people's so I eat under 800 calories and I have no carb,  including fruit, no dairy,  and no eggs. I work out every day. And I will kick this nodules' ass. Also I drink everyday ginger and elderflower teas.
I am keeping this strict program for 3 more months and then I will get everything checked out again to see the amount of improvement size wise and of course hormone wise. The most basic goal is to beat the stress of it all and by taking control I am feeling better and better.
At least if it doesn't work I can say I tried everything. But I feel that it will work.
Wish me luck!
Brightest blessings to you all!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Isn't 800 calories a day a starvation diet? I know I'd starve on it!