The end of the winter funk...

Greetings blogland! I have been absent for a few days.. It is like that ever since the waning fase of the moon begun, my energy levels started to fade as well. I am still trying to get up and get started. Coffee is n't cutting it anymore. The only thing that might get me through is a day without work, so i can focus on myself and my home. I know that if i start cleaning or working on my plants there is no stopping me. So, today i have cleared my schedule to get my oomph back.

I want to clean the kitchen, throw away all junk from the living room, go for groceries, make an eggplant diner, make my plants happy, take Phoebe for a walk, take a long shower, meditate and do some fairy magic. Just by making this list i feel better already and my energy levels are rising. All i need now is to get up and get going.   Hopefully tomorrow i will be back to normal and out of the funk. It is only 19 days till Ostara and there are a billion things to be done.

My four leaf  clover is getting bigger and bigger, and it is almost time to harvest it and today i spotted a small five leaf one. Can you spot them? I am thinking for thanking the fairies for those beautiful gifts to make  them a blueberry cake with rosewater and powder sugar.
This is the wreath i made for the full moon. It is not very fresh anymore but it is still pretty, hanging on my front door. I could n't reverse the picture. But i am proud of myself, because i found out how to upload pictures from my camera to my blog and that is something i have never done by myself in the past. Yeih me!!
How about you? Are you into an end of the winter funk or are you in a beginning of spring frenzy?
Be blessed, be loved and be happy!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oooo, a FIVE-leaf clover! Is that EXTRA lucky?

Leanna said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. My energy level went through the roof at the start of the waning moon. I can't explain it. But WOW!!!
I started cleaning and doing things around the house I have been putting off like forever. I feel great.

Anonymous said...

I do see them, they're amazing!

And your wreath is beautiful!

I'm looking very forward to warmer weather.

Hindustanka said...

Hi, sweety!I hope you don't mind me calling you sweety :)
I am happy to see that you are overcoming this funk with such lovely activities. I also was cleaning up my house on Saturday, lit aroma lamp and made a pretty candle jar which I'll show in my blog soon :)
I was surprised, but this time the full Moon didn't give me energy, so I think I need to thank it next time as to get that charge.
Have a blessed day! Be happy too :)

Dede said...

Georgina your wreath is gorgeous! So very pretty! I sure hope that your energy energizes. Wishing you a productive day!


Anonymous said...

We're in Mercury retrograde also. The past few ones were disasterous for me. I'm trying not to let it bother me. I heard you can eat clover...???

Akashic Cosmic Creations said...

I can't see them :( You know when coffee does not cut it for me I use a blend of Siete Azares and St. John's Wort. Siete Azares can be found in a Latin super market. That picks me right up. I just found your blog and I love it.

angela said...

Hello here we are having extreme hot weather,and it's so draining on my energy. I would send you some if I could.