Get upa get on up!

Dear blogfriends, how are you? I am in a huge battle with myself trying to convience me that hugging a pillow on the couch all day is not healthy living and definitely not spiritual. Yes, i meditate more than ever but is only because it does n't require me standing up. What is up with my energy levels? Next step would be taking my coffee intervenally. Perhaps it is post holidays blues, especially since it is so hot and i miss the sea and the wind. Also, i had the worst period these past couple of days that i had in years, i had cramps that brought me to tears and the ginger teas, the medication and the hot pad did n't help. All i could do all day is focus on my breathing and meditate and every time i lost my concentration i screamed in pain. I think it is time for a gynaecologist appointment. My energy levels, the cramps they all seem hormonal to me.
The thing is i know what to do. I have to work out. It is the only way to feel energised and in control again. But no matter what i visualise, or affirmations i repeat, it has been a week and it is time to stop this nonsense. Sometimes we just need to relax but this is going on for too long now and the lack of exercise is starting to make me feel foggy.
Perhaps this wonderful Esbat and Sabbat that is coming up will get my juices flowing again(that sounded wrong to me, but these days i can barely speak in greek let alone english!). I will bake a berry pie for Lammas and make a beautiful wreath and i will light some candles and thank the Goddess for all She has given us. It will be a simple celebration this one, unless i feel better by then.
How do you guys deal with gloomy feelings and lethargic tendencies?


Jen said...

It is hard to push through on those days. I try to honour my body while at the same time keep realistic about what I need, like not eating a million cookies when I really should have an apple. I hope you feel better soon and have a lovely Lammas.

Leviathan said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

To combat that lethargic feeling, I go to a music store and play a new guitar for a while. Playing a different instrument kind of wakes you up and makes you adjust to a different feeling below your fingers. Sounds weird but it works.

Another thing is to go visit a store that I wouldn't ordinarily visit. Not even to buy anything but just to enjoy different surroundings.

Debi said...

I am so sorry you are going through this. It sounds like you may have endometriosis or andenomyosis. I have the latter and it's horrible, especially since I don't take medication. What I found that helps me(you may have a different experience) was cutting out red meat completely, and severely limiting my intake of dairy. Omegas are also said to be of help, but I'm lousy about remembering to take them.

Hope you find some relief soon.

Debi said...

I use Reiki and Accupressure to help manage the pain that comes with my period. I'm also experimenting with Magnesium spray, but haven't been consistent enough to see an improvement yet. If I get positive results I'll let you know. :)

Diandra said...

Maybe you have been trying to do too much for too long? Give yourself a few days of rest - okay, you've done that - and then tell yourself to start over again. Slowly. Go for a walk. Do some gardening or run(WALK!!) an errand. Take it from there.