Music in witchcraft-Balance weekly

Greetings blogfriends! How are you? I healed really quickly and i am on my feet again. I realised that since i begun the balance weekly theme on my blog, i am more centered and grounded. Thank you for your support!
The subject of today's post is music in witchcraft. I am a singer, so i love the use of music in witchcraft. But you do not have to be a musician to use it. First of all, using relaxing music helps you focus, meditate and breathe properly. Also, sounds of nature in indoors rituals aid in keeping you connected with the Great Mother. I have permanently in my stereo a cd with nature sounds and i press the button in the morning and let it play throughout the day. Whenever, i feel tense i just concentrate and listen and the tension melts away.
One of the things i enjoy the most is writing a simple spell-song and chanting it. But chanting can be in the form of just a vowel, or a small phrase. I have noticed that chanting is especially effective when it comes to cleansing and meditating. But that is just what works for me. Try it out and see what works for you. You do not have to make a melody of your own if that seems difficult . You can use a melody you like and sing it with just a vowel. You can use any song you want from Aerosmith to Britney, as long as you think it is pretty and it feels magical.
Another extremely mystical use of music is drumming. Once again, you don't have to be a drummer to do it, or even have a drum. Just keep a steady bit, on whatever inspires you and lose yourself in the sound. Of course, you can just listen to someone else doing it, but give it a shot, because it is a wonderful way to free your spirit and connect with The Spirit.
Chanting and drumming are magical and powerful because of their shamanic roots. They are the first ways our primeval ancestors tried mimicking the sounds of Nature and connect with the Unseen. They are ancient and they come from our heart of hearts. You can also combine the two methods. I unfortunately, only enjoy it when i am alone at home because my husband who is a drummer makes fun of my drumming. Admittedly, i am not good!
Another wonderful musical, magical practice is bell..i wanna say... jiggling?Did i get that right? Anyhooo... The bell is a magical tool that represents the Goddess because of its womanly shape. It is great for invoking spirits, magical creatures, elementals, and of course the Goddess. In some cultures, jiggling the bell is believed that it cleanses and protects from evil spirits.
So, for this week i challenge you to make your life a little bit more musical. Fill your days and nights with beautiful sounds and surround yourself with happiness and joy.
Be blessed and be loved.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

in greece i am sure you can buy very good pits. in the states they are awful. they are the taste and consistency of paper envelopes! i have to make them myself!

Soraya said...

MUSIC!!!! It's such a HUGE part of my life! I love it DEARLY!
I do Yoga to this wonderful Chill station that I've created on Pandora.
http://www.pandora.com/?sc=sh452758577546622149 - That's the Link.

Also, I listen to Metal. It sounds strange, and I'm sure that no one would understand unless they pick out what I do in Metal.. But... I love the stories they tell. and the Instruments in Folk Metal? ZOMG!!!!
Eluveitie is a GREAT band for anything to make you feel spiritual... It's All sorts of folk instruments and awesomeness! They sing in ancient Gaulish.
That's one of my favorite. Omnos is a really good one, but the translation isn't very... positive. haha!

Arkona, Now they're an interesting band. The lead singer is a female, but she growls like a damn man! haha! However, she is actually a high priestess of the coven she's a part of (or at least that's what I've heard and have come to believe... They do have chants on their albums.. and she does them BEAUTIFULLY! I'm actually going to Belly Dance to one of their songs called Gutsulka. They sing in Russian/Slavic...Of some sorts.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zwiqun38irw That's one of their chants called Tuman Yarom. AND SHE YIPS! Which makes it even better! haha!

And finally, Zalvarinis.

http://youtu.be/Wv-ixjwJd78 - Enough said. Haha! They're all mostly chants too. And realllllly chill. If I remember languages well enough, they're in Lithuanian. :)

Okies, I end my novel :-p

Grammy said...

Sounds like a beautiful way to spend your day. I have been listing to inspirational radio on the computer and finished the meditation just yesterday. With he on line link I gave you. But I will still do it every day as it is so wonderful And I feel great passion in it. I am so glad to hear you have recovered quickly too.
Many blessings sent your way.

Diandra said...

I love to dance for meditative purposes... and I used to learn the harp (I never really got around to "playing", although I did take part in an event at a small arts store where I wore black and made lovely sounds with my harp and everyone was impressed.) Singing doesn't do it for me, unfortunately, but my sister (who's got a great voice) chants sometimes in her rituals.

And: Your husband should teach you how to drum properly instead of complaining. ^^

(I'm totally going to get myself a drum, once I find one that is not too expensive. As soon as we've got a kitchen, and maybe a closet.)

Soraya said...

Thanks :) I'm rarely ever nervous on stage. And if I am, it lasts for like... three seconds, and then I'm good. :-p
Good luck with your gigs! :)