Balance weekly- breathing

Greetings blogfriends. This week's post is one day late but believe it or not i am down with a cold yet again. The weather in Greece is unbelievably cold for this time of the year and my whole family has either fever or running noses. Such a bliss! I am drinking hot teas with honey and rest whenever i can. I think i will get through this one without antibiotics. Fingers crossed!
This week's balance weekly theme is breathing. I challenge you to work with your breath for a few minutes each day so that you can feel revitalised and refreshed, more relaxed and calmer by next Thursday. We all know how important breathing correctly is, but most of us do not pay enough attention to this valuable body function. Controlled breathing can calm us down, low our heart bit, alter our state of conciousness, fight hypertension and cardiovascular problems.
I personally think that the best time to work with my breath is when i am in bed before sleep. Especially with the full breath. It is a breath from yoga than combines abdominal and thoracic breath. You first breath in and fill your belly with air and as you do that your diaphragm rises and you continue the intake of air to your thoracic area and that makes your chest to rise. Then you first exhale the air from your chest(chest falls down) and empty your abdomen last(belly sinks into your body). When you first begin this exercise you can not easily do it in one fluent motion but it becomes easier in time. Also, at the beginning the breaths are shallower and shorter, but as you get used to controlled breathing they become longer and more relaxing.
But there is also a breath that can energise you and get you going. It is also a yoga technique and it is called the fire breath. Here you mainly focus on the exhale that has to be rhythmical and sharp. This breath is similar to a dog's breath after running. We use it in classical singing to strengthen our diaphragm because the whole motion is based on this particular area. When you first try it you can do it for just a few seconds, but it also gets easier. It is best to do it in the morning after you wake up.
Another way to controll your breath is to count. You count the inhale 1-2-3 you count the pause 1, the exhale 1-2-3-4-5 once again the pause 1. This way you do not focus on an area in your body but to the numbers. It is an excellent way to silence your mind before meditation. You can change the numbers to this exercise to fit your breath, but the goal is to make the exhale longer than the inhale. You count at a pace that suits you and as you practice, it becomes slower. If you work with aromatherapy and essential oils this is a wonderful time to use them.
Breath in magic symbolises life and the element of air. In some traditions there are rituals of withholding breath to symbolise death and rebirth. As you inhale think of all the beautiful things in your life. Imagine that this air is life, energy, love and prosperity. As you exhale let go of fear, negative emotions and anything that holds you down. With each breath you feel more free and relaxed. The air you inhale is the energy of the Universe, the blessing of the Goddess that unlocks the power within you.
So, today i ask you to join me for a week of happy breathing, a week to honour ourselves and lives.
Be blessed and love yourselves for the wonderful and amazing beings that you are.



Diandra said...

Try increasing your zinc intake, it helps with the flu...

And yes, breathing exercises are great! Thanks for sharing!

Urban Earthworm said...

I'm terrible at paying attention to my breath. I can do it durning yoga. I have to AVOID doing it when I run or I'll hyperventilate. I used to meditate, but I haven't in years. I should probably start again, but I seriously do not have 10 minutes where I can sit and do nothing unless I'm going to sacrifice 10 minutes of sleep (not happening).

Still a wonderful post.

I just noticed that you're an astrologer. I don't know how I missed that in your about me before. I LOVE astrology. When you're feeling better, I am going to have to harass you about all sorts of astrological things.

Sunshineshelle said...

Get better soon my Greek friend, I came via Magaly's post & I just realised I need to visit more people & don't have broadband back until tomorrow... serves me right for using it all up during the "witches in Fiction" celebration, anyhow nice to meet you & love your feel-good post :)

Sunshineshelle said...

Hi again, so funny, you did sound gay, but that was the gay before the word was borrowed to describe a minority group LOL... so we can use happy if you prefer either way you made me smile ;) you take care, I love the positive embrace your blog seems to emanate!

Grammy said...

Sending you healing wishes. The weather is crazy all over. We have had way too much rain here in Missouri. And it is either cold or to warm. Only yesterday was perfect. I think I am on day 20 of meditation. I love the relaxation benefit. And it help with my breathing. I had nose surgery 1-2 years ago. Where fast deep nose breathing is not possible. I stay away from aromas also. It is not worth the allergy or pain. But I will you well
Big hug

Magaly Guerrero said...

I have severe asthma, so I'm all about the breathing, especially because I'm a runner too. I practice counting on steps, and breath-hold-release when I meditate. I works for this Witch ;-)